Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting in Childcare Centres and Schools

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has deprived children around the world of a traditional face-to-face learning experience, and in order for things to go back to some type of “normal”, we have to implement best practices for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting school spaces and supplies. This is the only way parents will feel at ease about allowing their children back into the classrooms, and the only way to guarantee students will be safe once the time comes to go back to school.

Child Care Centres and schools are children’s second home, where they spend numerous hours a week discovering how the world works through education. While parents teach their kids moral values and beliefs that will shape their character, the school offers them the academic knowledge they need to succeed as they grow.

For the most part, child care centres and schools operate in midsized to large buildings and are heavily furnished with surfaces of different shapes and sizes. They also have several high-traffic areas, like multiple occupancy washrooms, cafeterias, and of course, classrooms. Because of all of these reasons, finding the right cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting method for them can be tricky.

Luckily, when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting large spaces such as disinfecting schools, fogging machines are one of the best alternatives available in the market. These types of sprayers are equipped to perform effectively, safely, and conveniently with no health risks for children, adults, pets, or plants.

What is Fogging Equipment?

Fogging machines are state-of-the-art devices designed to disinfect and sanitize different surfaces, as well as to clean the air from bacteria and viruses. Fogging devices comes in different formats, depending on users’ needs and budgets. The most popular are cold, dry, thermal, ULV, and electrostatic foggers.

Cold fogger machines, spray disinfectant solutions in the form of a fine mist, or fog, so tiny that it is measured in microns. These specific foggers are generally suited for large spaces like schools, hospitals, sports facilities, playgrounds, and similar places.

Thermal foggers, on the other hand, are also very convenient for large space usage. They turn any disinfecting solution into a dry fog, making it excellent for surfaces and items that are sensitive to moisture, such as phones, laptops, clothes, tableware, and cookware. A good example of these types of machines is our Nano Atomizer handheld sanitizer.

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Why You Should Use a Fogger to Disinfect Child Care Centres & Schools

Besides the benefit of using disinfecting solutions that are hypoallergenic and safe for all, fogging machines allow you to cover large areas in a short amount of time. For instance, using a ULV cold fogger you can disinfect a 15-meter area with a single spray! This, and the fact that fogging machines have a 99% effectivity rate in killing viruses and bacteria that linger on surfaces, as well as in the air, make using these devices one of the best practices you can implement to properly sanitize Child Care Centres and Schools.

Another good reason is convenience, especially when it comes to handheld foggers, which can be used by janitors throughout schools or child care centres without carrying any significant additional weight on their cleaning carts. Foggers can easily substitute traditional disinfecting methods that usually involved harsh detergents, require wiping, and were overly time-consuming. Fogging saves time and money while remaining extremely effective and safe.

Disinfecting Classrooms and School Hallways

Classrooms and hallways are high-traffic areas in schools that require daily cleaning and disinfection because they are indoors, which means they are perfect for the transmission of pathogens from person to person. These areas should be disinfected after school hours to get them ready for the next morning, and sometimes they may require sanitizing when school is in session as well. This is a task that can be easily managed by a Heavy-Duty Fogger and a Portable Fogger for touch-ups throughout the day.

Using a Portable Fogger is also an efficient approach to clean indoor air, especially if it is a fogger with electrostatic technology. These foggers use an internal negative ion generator to trap and kill dispersed viruses and bacteria, removing them from the air and killing them on the surface.

The Heavy-Duty Fogger has a powerful blower capability, which is not only great for dispersing disinfect, but also for drying the surface if over-wetting occurs. So, it can be the best choice for disinfecting school and daycare halls quickly and safely.

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How Can Children's Playgrounds, Toys, and Sports Equipment be Disinfected?

Playgrounds are one of the most popular places in child care centres and schools, where children like to spend lots of time. This is great for kids, especially after months of lockdown, but it also raises concerns about the potential spread of contaminants as they play and share toys or sports equipment.

For this reason, the best recommendation is for janitors to disinfect playgrounds every day before students come to school, and again right after recess or playtimes, using a fogging machine and a high-quality disinfecting solution. Our Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer is a great solution for these types of tasks.

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Sanitizing Student Desks and Shared Facilities

Disinfecting desks and shared facilities is one of the most important cleaning tasks in schools. Traditionally, a combination of detergent and water is generally used for this, but unpleasant odors and excessive cleaning and drying time can be cumbersome and non-efficient. And this is where the fogging equipment comes into play.

Fogging sprayers such as our Nano Atomizer, which produces a dry fog, are ideal for disinfecting small surfaces such as student desks and small items. The Nano Atomizer is also used to disinfect humidity-sensitive surfaces such as keyboards, elevator buttons, and wooden appliances.  It can be used to disinfect a distance of 1.5-4 meters in the shortest possible time. You can find this fogger on our shop page.

After all of these recommendations, it is important that we are able to allow kids the opportunity to remain in school during this pandemic, and the only way to do that is to disinfect schools effectively in order to maintain a safe learning environment.

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