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We specialize in commercial and residential disinfecting through innovative technical fogging solutions. We supply fogging disinfectant that has been Canadian Government authorized to be used in office and home environments to provide maximum protection from pathogens, allergens and molds.  Our disinfecting fogging system allows for a 99.99% disinfectant using a non-allergenic solution that is fogged to all areas of your facility, home, or automobile - disinfecting all surfaces and hard to reach areas. The process is efficient and provides maximum safety and protection for your family, employees and customers.

What We Stand For

Integrity, passion, and professionalism are integral to our approach in providing solutions for our clients to maintain a safe and healthy environment at work or where they reside.

Trust and integrity are integral in our approach. This is created and maintained by active listening, open communication, and a firm conviction to seek the very best solutions for our clients.


The Disinfect & Fog team is here to help our clients during this difficult time. We understand the need to get back to work but in a safe and healthy way -it is our goal to assist make that a reality.


We understand the importance of representing ourselves and clients in a professional manner.

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