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Science. Most of us were not that good at it in school (at least, I wasn’t!) However, science is all around us and it makes our lives easier, healthier, and more enjoyable. With that in mind, in this article we will look at the science behind our top-selling disinfectant solutions to help you choose the best product for your business or home.

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What is a Disinfectant Solution?

First things first... what is a disinfectant, exactly? Simple: a disinfectant is a chemical substance or compound that can be applied to surfaces and objects through diverse methods to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould or mildew.

Now, not all chemical disinfectants are created equally. According to the FDA, some have alcohol or chlorine as the main active ingredient while others have compounds like formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, iodophors, ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA), peracetic acid, phenolics, or quaternary ammonium. Most of these ingredients are completely safe to use regularly, but others could cause respiratory problems and skin irritation or even burns after long-term exposure or improper handling, and can be fatal if accidentally ingested.

Having said all of this, it is important to understand the science behind the products we use in our spaces in order to, not only get the best results, but also avoid hazardous situations. It is not uncommon to hear about people who burned themselves after a disinfectant solution accidentally spilled on them or had to be rushed to the hospital for inhaling fumes from a particularly dangerous product. That's why our recommendation will always be to read product labels and follow instructions carefully, or, better yet, choose all-natural and non-toxic products like the ones featured in our Disinfectants section.

The Science Behind our Disinfectant Solutions

Let's take a look at the disinfectant products in our portfolio:

Environize Anolyte

Environize Anolyte disinfectant is a product made of hypochlorous acid (HOCI) which is an excellent alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants. It is a safe and effective product that stands out for being organic, sustainable, and pure since it's made with a single ingredient.

HOCI is a compound made of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Chlorine. This is the same substance that is produced by the human body inside white blood cells as part of our immune system's response against pathogens and bacteria that could cause infection.

The product is elaborated right here in Canada using an electrolyzed water technology that "combines low levels of electricity, common salt and ordinary tap water through a process known as electrolysis," according to the manufacturer. Thanks to this simple process, the solution is both biodegradable, non-accumulative, and safe when used around plants, animals, marine life and humans. Everything You Need to Know about Hydroxyls

Environize Catholyte

Environize Catholyte is a cleaner and degreaser made of an alkaline phosphate-free water-based solution with a high pH, which makes it ideal to clean heavy fats and grease, as well as organic and pesticide residues that could prevent effective cleaning and disinfection.

Just like Environize Anolyte, this product is also elaborated using the electrolyzed water technology known as electrolysis, during which light saline water passes through a patented electrolytic cell. The result is a solution so efficient that it can be used to keep drains from becoming clogged since it emulsifies fats and greases that stick to drainpipes.



Ultra-Lyte is a powerful disinfectant made of an eco-friendly solution of hypochlorous acid (92.5% at 500 ppm FAC with a pH of 6.5). It is an all-natural, organic, non-toxic, non-irritant, environmentally and ecologically safe product that can easily destroy microorganisms that can cause diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, herpes, HIV, MRSA, norovirus, swine influenza virus (H1N1), all versions of the avian flu, COVID-19, and many others.

Vital Oxide

Vital Oxide's formula contains a unique form of stabilized chlorine dioxide that eliminates bacteria, viruses, and mould, but is safe and non-corrosive, so it doesn't cause any causing skin irritation. The reason for this is that, while chlorine dioxide is technically considered a proper "chlorine" as its name indicates, its chemistry is different from the corrosive chemistry of the chlorine used to elaborate common bleach.

Other differences that set Vital Oxide apart from chlorine are the fact that this product is less caustic and much gentler than bleach and many other antiseptics and antimicrobials. And not only that, it is eco-friendly and safe to dispose of as well since it doesn't produce harmful by-products, unlike chlorine bleach, which produces harmful by-products to the environment, including trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAAS). Vital Oxide vs Bleach



eFFectant is hospital grade disinfectant made of hypochlorous acid (HOCI), which is considered to be up to 100 times more effective than chlorine bleach or quaternary ammonium chlorides in killing pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and harmful spores. HOCI is formed when chlorine, which is originally a gas, dissolves in water and gains the ability to break apart cell membranes, which helps kill any type of microorganisms. What are Organic Disinfectants Made of?

Benefits of Choosing Scientifically Proven Disinfectants

There are many benefits of choosing scientifically proven disinfectants:

  1. Effectiveness is guaranteed. When a product has been tested and reviewed, users can be certain of its effectiveness, which also means they will be investing their money in the right products for their particular needs. For instance, if you own a restaurant and you need a degreaser, you want to be sure whatever product you buy can actually do the job.
  2. Correct instructions and recommendations. Scientifically proven disinfectants always feature the right instructions on the label, according to research and reliable testing. So, if a product says that it can be applied using a fogger or sprayer, you can rest assured that it won't damage your device or leave any trace or residue. Also, these products always indicate the right dilution ratios for best results.
  3. Clear and transparent ingredient lists. Another benefit of choosing scientifically proven disinfectants is the fact that ingredient lists are always clear and transparent, indicating the right active ingredients, percentages, and more relevant information.
  4. Safety first. Last, but definitely not least, is safety. Scientifically proven disinfectants, like the ones we offer on our Disinfectants page, always provide all necessary safety measures, including potential hazardous interactions, what to do before and after application, and recommended use of personal protective equipment (PPE), if needed.

Effective Disinfectants for Commercial and Residential Use

If you want more information about any of the effective disinfectant solutions mentioned in this article, which work both for commercial and residential use, please contact us and one of our disinfection experts will get back to you shortly. You can also leave us a comment below or find us on social media as Disinfect & Fog.

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