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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the answers to our frequently asked questions, check them out below!

1.  Why do I need to fog my work space/business?

Disinfectant fogging will get into areas that are hard if not nearly impossible to access with conventional methods. It is part of our process to disinfect the whole environment.

2.  What do I need to do to prepare my space before disinfecting?

  • Surfaces should be clean and clutter-free
  • Remove or cover any food/food products
  • All fans, open flames, air-conditioning and heating systems should be turned off during the fogging process up to a     duration of 1-2 hours after fogging has been completed.
  • Close/seal all windows and doors
  • No people/pets should be in the space

3.  How much is your disinfecting services?

Pricing varies on location(s) and size. It can also depend on the type of facility and the potential risk involved. Pricing is usually calculated based on square footage. Contact us for a free quote.

4.  What is the length of time needed for disinfection servicing?

This is highly dependent on the size (square feet), number of locations, and type of business. We are happy to explain more, answer your questions and provide a free quote.

5.  What types of foggers/sprayers do you offer for purchase?

We offer a range of products for effective disinfecting including thermal, electrostatic, and ULV foggers. We offer both corded and cordless options, as well as devices for commercial and residential use.

6.  Where do you ship to and how do I get free shipping?

We ship all across North America and offer free shipping on order over $250 (before taxes).