Best Disinfecting Equipment for your Janitorial Services in Southwestern Ontario

Janitorial services are among the most sought-after external services for companies and organizations. Commercial, industrial, academic and recreational facilities have extensive cleaning needs and requirements that only these professional services can meet. And these days, those requirements are even more comprehensive, as companies and organizations also expect disinfection and sanitization services to protect their people from viral infections such as COVID-19 and the flu.

Do you own a janitorial services company in Southwestern Ontario? Are you interested in learning about the best disinfecting equipment to upgrade your janitorial services? Great, then this article is for you!

How to Upgrade Your Janitorial Services to Include Disinfection and Sanitization

There was a time when janitorial services, also known as commercial cleaning services, only included tasks like vacuuming carpets, polishing and waxing hardwood floors, dusting and scrubbing surfaces, and degreasing food preparation areas. However, that's not enough anymore. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything and now janitorial services must be able to deliver absolute cleaning and disinfection, from floors to ceilings.

How can you upgrade your janitorial services to meet the demands of your customers? Follow these three simple steps:

Invest in new equipment

Spray bottles and rags are a thing of the past. Your company needs disinfection devices that can eliminate pathogens from surfaces effectively and efficiently. More on this in the next section of this article.

Train your janitorial staff

Your staff are probably used to working with brooms and mops but don't underestimate them. With the right training, they will be able to operate any disinfection device, no matter how sophisticated it may seem. And with the right disinfectant solutions, preferably organic and hypoallergenic, they will get the job done without exposing themselves to harsh chemicals. Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Childcare Centres and Schools

Promote your germ-free janitorial services

Once you have new equipment and trained janitors at your service, all you have to do is promote your germ-free janitorial services to your existing clients and new ones too. They will certainly appreciate the added value you will bring.

Worried that adding disinfection and sanitization of surfaces to your janitorial services will increase service times, add costs, and limit your return on investment? Don't worry!

Our disinfection and sanitization devices and products are easy to operate and quick to cover large areas, so you won't extend your janitorial services by too long. And the best part is that disinfection devices like our electrostatic sprayers and ULV (ultra low volume) foggers use so little product that you will recover your investment in no time, especially if you have many customers on a regular daily, weekly, or biweekly schedule. Back to School Shopping List for a Safe School Year

Best Disinfecting Equipment for Your Janitorial Services

Let's talk devices! These are the best disinfecting sprayers and foggers for janitorial services:

Disinfecto Electrostatic Sprayer

You need to invest in this cordless electrostatic handheld sprayer! The Disinfecto has been designed for the comprehensive disinfection of surfaces and environments. It is lightweight (a little over 2 pounds) but powerful enough to provide excellent coverage thanks to its adjustable atomization feature that allows you to switch from a 60-um to a 120-um droplet diameter.

This, combined with its flow rate of 4.2oz per minute, its 500ml solution tank, and its electrostatic generator for improved uniformity of droplets and surface coverage; will give your janitorial company the most convenient and cost-effective disinfection performance to complement your current services. The Disinfecto is not only cordless and portable. It also features an exceptional rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (that takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge) with a run time of 3 and a half hours of continuous electrostatic disinfection. Oh and the device is also silent enough that it can be used anytime during the day and night, so your team can service your customer during the day, even if they have meetings scheduled at the same time.

Portable Fogger

Another cordless electrostatic fogger with a rechargeable battery for convenient, on-the-go fogging! This model features a status light that allows you to see how much charge it has left. Plus, with a solid build, since its liquid pipeline is made of the highest quality, which makes it resistant to corrosion; and a convenient carrying handle, it is a great machine if you want to get the job done as quickly as possible with great results. This fogger holds up to 1.8L of disinfectant and can spray up to 3 metres. It also has an adjustable spray rate from 0 to 50 microns, which will give your staff lots of freedom to operate it. The Portable Fogger is great for janitorial services in hospitals, schools, theatres, churches, trains, and other public places. It is a powerful fogger machine, ideal for disinfecting, sanitizing, odour removal, decontamination, pesticides/fertilizing, and more!

Heavy Duty ULV Fogger

This is a very effective ultra-low volume (ULV) cold fogger, perfect for the application of disinfectants, as well as pesticides and products for mould and mildew control. It was designed to treat large spaces, which is why it comes with adjustable output so that the user can determine how much of the solution is emitted. If you're curious about the ULV component, you should know it is one of the most popular technologies for disinfection. It works by introducing air added to microns of moisture content. Together, these elements provide the user with the ability to evenly apply any disinfectant solution to a multitude of surfaces. Have customers with large and very high spaces? Great. This is the device for you. The Heavy Duty ULV Fogger can easily project liquid solutions up to 10 meters and it is an excellent choice for spaces that exceed 2500 square feet.

Janitorial Services in Southwestern Ontario

Do you run a janitorial service business in Southwestern Ontario? We can help you take your services to the next level by integrating disinfection into your janitorial routines.

Contact us today to learn about our devices and to get expert advice from one of our dedicated and problem-solving experts who always recommend the most cost-effective and efficient products and techniques for every situation.

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