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What is Portable Fogger and How Does It Work?

Ever thought about having a disinfectant that is easy to use, easy to carry around, and give you less stress and burden? Here is the solution for you!

Nowadays, the biggest stress humanity faces is trying to prevent COVID-19 infections by sanitization and disinfection. With this portable fogger's help, the work stress and burden are much less, and the fear of infected areas is solved.

With the Portable Fogger's service, you can do all the disinfecting easily without having to think about finding an outlet. Many places such as gyms, schools, churches, public areas, even cafes, and restaurants are in need of this kind of disinfection. The disinfectant used in the cordless fogger is also entirely environmentally friendly and causes no harm to the environment or humans.

What is the Portable Fogger?

The Portable Fogger is a cordless fogging machine used in cleaning and disinfecting the surface areas of chairs, gym equipment, classrooms, tables, and much more. The Portable Fogger blows out 8800 cubic feet per minute of negatively charged air while spraying the disinfectant at an adjustable rate of 1.7 – 2.4 oz/min. The flow of negative-ion attracts positively charged airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and pathogens of viral, bacterial, or fungal origin, and particle matters less than 2.5 microns in the surrounding air. This neutralizes them, making them heavier to descend down on the floor, then the sprayed disinfectant over the surface kills those pathogens effectively. As a result, this technology is dual-action as not only does it disinfect the surface, but it can also purify the air.

What Are Some Uses of Portable Foggers?

Cordless electrostatic foggers, such as the Portable Fogger, are great for any space where outlets are hard to come by. The most significant advantage of the portable fogger is that it is lightweight, easy to carry, needs no outlets as it is operated with a rechargeable battery, and can still cover a vast area.

Vehicles and public transport, such as buses, trains, and taxis, are great examples where the Portable Fogger could be very useful. A bus driver can easily disinfect the entire bus between busloads, and a taxi driver can quickly spray between passengers to ensure safety for all.

Outdoor areas are another place where the Portable cordless fogger could come in handy. Playgrounds get a lot of use from kids and therefore gather lots of germs and bacteria. There are obviously no outlets nearby most playgrounds, so your options for disinfection are limited to using a corded device with a generator, or wiping by hand. With a wireless fogger, such as portable fogger, you cut down on time and money.

Classrooms and schools are other great places for us a cordless fogger. Anywhere the kids and teachers have access to, like chairs, tables, lockers, etc can be quickly sprayed multiple times a day and after school.

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Infections and microbes can be present anywhere, even in the places you least think about. As we move ahead in this pandemic, the right technology can make our lives easier because of the developments and newly available equipment. Now, no one can say that an area without access to an outlet can't be disinfected, because it certainly can!

Portable foggers have made life a lot easier. They contain enough disinfectant to cover a vast area, are portable, and easy to use, and have reduced the worry of searching for electrical outlets. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is a top priority, and using the cordless fogger to disinfect a space saves time, money and resources. 

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