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The Best Guide to the ULV Cold Fogger

I think we can all say that 2020 hasn't been the year we all hoped for, but life has to go on. One thing that has come out of this is the advancements in disinfecting equipment, especially fogging. Fogging was once considered to be only used in agriculture or pest control, but now we can see that it has come a long way to become one of the most effective forms of disinfecting the spaces we live and work. With new advancements in technology and environmentally friendly solutions, fogging provides safe and effective results to combat harmful bacteria and viruses all around us. Today, we're going to talk about ULV Cold Fogging and why it's all the hype.

What is a ULV Cold Fogger?

ULV Cold Foggers are reliable devices that are useful for the application of safe disinfectants to manage and remove bacteria, viruses, odours and even for mold and mildew control. The ULV Cold Fogger provides a high volume of air and produces aerosol microns of moisture and provides its users the ability to apply the disinfectant solution evenly on surfaces and in the atmosphere.

ULV stands for ultra-low volume, and these foggers are excellent for large spaces, as they can usually spray up to 10 to 15 meters at a time. Our favorite ULV fogger is our Heavy Duty ULV Fogger which is perfect for offices, bowling alleys, salons, entertainment canters, cinemas, clinics, and many more places that need disinfecting.

In designing the cold fogger device, we are looking to create a fog of droplets that contain disinfectants. To achieve such a situation, the cold fogger machine produces compressed air. Then the disinfectant solution droplets places in the vicinity of this compressed air.

On the way out of the compressed air from the nozzle, the disinfectant solution is formed into very small droplets, which are released from the nozzle of the device while maintaining the air pressure.

These droplets are currently in diameters between 9 and 49 microns. Therefore, they remain suspended in the air outside the cold fogger and disinfect the air.

ULV fogger

Reasons to Use ULV Cold Foggers

ULV Cold Foggers have their advantages, making them ideal to use.

Firstly, the high power allows the disinfectant to be evenly disbursed not only on surfaces but also the air providing a complete disinfection. Using a cold fogger allows you to distribute the disinfectant solution evenly over all visible and invisible surfaces. Of course, for a home environment, you may be able to disinfect surfaces with a simple spray. But in another public environment, you can not be successful without the effective disinfectant equipment such as ulv cold fogger.

The next great advantage is that the fog gets into the smallest of nooks and crannies, disinfecting every inch of space.

The most important reason to use a ULV Cold Fogger is that it is very cost-effective compared to other disinfecting methods. The disinfectant used inside ULV cold foggers can be used widely in a broad spectrum of applications, such as schools, beauty salons, gyms, churches, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and many more.  In disinfection with disinfection sprayer, we are going to fill the air in the closed environment with disinfectants. In this way, these materials will sit continuously and effectively on all surfaces.

 How to Disinfect with the Heavy Duty ULV Cold Fogger

  1. It is recommended not to fill the ULV Fogger with more than 5 liters of the (RTU) Ready-To-Use product at first.
  2. Use the handy shoulder strap and handle to carry and easily disinfect any surfaces and spaces.
  3. IMPORTANT! Do not use ULV foggers on electronics.
  4. After using the ULV Cold Fogger, rinse the tank with water, and properly dispose of any leftover solution.

Protect yourself and others from the deadly pandemic by taking small steps towards betterment and safety. Use the recommended solution for safe and effective disinfection of your environment. Clean and disinfect the surfaces that you use daily, or you are in touch with every day.

Disinfect & Fog is trying its best to get you closer to a safer, better, and healthier tomorrow. Order your ULV Fogger now from the official DNF website and let's all do our part to stay safe.

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