Disinfecting Baby Toys During Covid-19

Disinfecting and cleaning baby toys is an important task every parent must know and follow. Washing and cleaning the toys' surface and the objects that the child is in touch with is a critical task and plays a vital role in the child's safety. Keep the toys aside when you can't disinfect them instantly and make sure you disinfect toys before the child uses them again. Children have the habit of putting the objects and the toys in their mouths, so if the surface is not clean, it is easier for the germs to enter the mouth; thus, disinfecting baby toys is a crucial task which should not be avoided.

How Do You Clean And Disinfect Baby Toys Naturally?

Toys can be cleaned and disinfected naturally with the help of home remedies and available items in your house. Toys such as plastic blocks, rattles, and teethers get cleaned with soap and water. Keep in mind not to wash the electrical toys with soap and water. The dishwasher is another way to clean the toys, and accordingly, some toys are dishwasher safe. The hot water and the soap in the dishwasher will allow easy and deep cleaning of the toys. Surface wipes can be a great idea, too, when it comes to cleaning the surface of the toys. Wipe the toys using the disinfectant. Items such as pacifiers have their pacifier wipes. Other toys, such as the stuffed animals and the baby dolls, can be cleaned using the washer and the dryer. Make sure there are no open eyes, threads, or seams on the toys after washing then give it to the child.

How Do You Sanitize Baby Toys That Can't Be Washed?

To sanitize nonporous and hard toys with batteries that cannot be washed in a dishwasher or the standard washer, wipe the toy with a hot cloth using soap and water. Dry the toy and then spray the Nano spray sanitizer or Mini Thermal Fogger on the surface of the toy. After the process, you have nothing to worry about the child touching the toy as this spray does not stay on the toys' surface, and it is child friendly and non-toxic. This spray is nothing but a solution that produces a dry fog suitable for any kind of toys.

What Is Safe To Use To Disinfect Baby Toys?

Apart from dishwashers and the standard washers at home, you can take advantage of bleach to clean and disinfect the toys that are nonporous. Placing the toys in a bucket and add ½ cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water and wash. This is an excellent option for toys that have metal parts like trains, cars, and trucks. Old vinegar and water are other solutions suitable for disinfecting the toys. Do not use this method on wooden toys as the wood will warp. 

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What Is The Best Way To Disinfect And Sanitize Baby Toys?

Depending on the toys' type and texture, we can say which process is better for disinfecting the baby toys, either with the help of home remedies, kitchen items such as vinegar, and dishwashers. We should choose the best way for our kids. Therefore it would be better if we consider safety and speedy processes to use to disinfect baby toys. The spray sanitizer such as Nano Atomizer would be a good choice because they are non-toxic, environment-friendly and produce a dry fog that does not stay on the toys' surface after spraying and causes no harm to the child. The spray sanitizers clean the body efficiently, thoroughly, quickly and you don't need to rinse the toys after spraying.

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We hope we were able to give you essential knowledge about toys and the importance of disinfecting them. Children are prone to diseases; thus, disinfecting toys is a great way to prevent them from getting ill or infected. Do try the Nano Atomizer as the best way of disinfecting baby toys and buy it now in our shop.

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