Disinfecting Hair Salons and Barbershops During COVID-19

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have stopped going to hair salons and barbers. Many people have turned to "COVID cuts" at home which don't always work out as hoped, so many are in desperate need of their usual hairdresser. Many customers are obviously concerned about the spread of COVID-19, so what can be done in hair salons and barbershops to make sure both the customers and staff feel safe? 

This article shows you the best ways to clean and disinfect hair salons properly to keep your customers coming back.

The Best Way to Disinfect Hair Salons

Disinfecting a hair salon does not only mean disinfecting the floor and chair, the scissors, combs, any equipment, and even the air should be disinfected and sanitized. 

To disinfect the entirety of a hair salon, the first idea which comes to most people's minds is to buy a spray disinfectant, spray it all over, and then wipe it down. For clothes or towels, we throw them in the washer.

But that alone is a lot of work and very time-consuming.

But wait! There is a more effective, accessible, and practical way to disinfect your hair salon. 

Handheld foggers, like the Nano Atomizer or Mini Thermal Fogger allows you to disinfect the area quickly and effectively; even if customers are present in your salon, it is non-toxic and will cause no harm to individuals. Use it to disinfect your chairs, air, tools, and any equipment used, and don't forget about the door and window handles.

Also, try to keep an air conditioner to keep the air inside the salon clean and moving; if possible, open the windows for good air circulation. Before and after the work hours, clean the entire area and use the Nano Atomizer to disinfect your salon. It is a dry fogger, so it is safe on tools and electronics. The disinfectant will dwell for the proper amount of time on any surfaces to thoroughly disinfect, and will not leave a residue.  Make sure your customers follow personal hygiene and have them use a hand sanitizer before entering your salon.

The Step by Step Guide to Disinfect Hair Salons

  1. Set up a hand sanitizing station for when a customer first walks in.
  2. Guide them directly to their chair.
  3. After the customer has left, use a handheld fogger to quickly disinfect the chair, any nearby surfaces, tools, and air. Be sure to spray all high-touch areas.
  4. After only a few minutes, you're ready for your next customer!

Now you know how to effectively and easily disinfect and sanitize your hair salon or barbershop. Let your customers know of these steps that you are taking to ensure their peace of mind. They will be very thankful that you care about their safety and will hopefully keep coming back. Stay safe out there!

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