How to Kill Coronavirus and Disinfect Your Vehicles Without Damaging Interior Surfaces

2020 was definitely a historic year for everyone. The world did not expect a virus as strong and as dangerous as the Coronavirus. Many died, many suffered, many are fighting in hospitals, and everyone is busy disinfecting, sanitizing, and being cautious to stay safe.

People are scared to use public transport, scared to go out without masks. Nowadays, many don't bother carrying phones around as much as they are focused on wearing masks and carrying sanitizers and disinfectants. The virus is hazardous, but even though people see many instances of death and hospital admission, there are still many that don't believe in the virus and therefore not taking it seriously.

I'm sure by now you have seen many instructions about washing your hand, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces but what about disinfecting inside of your car?

Why should you disinfect the inside of your car?

If you're a taxi or ride-share driver, the answer is obvious - you need to protect your customers. For the general public who are not allowing others into your car, you may be asking "What's the point?"

If you share a car with someone else, you should have their safety in mind as much as your own. If you are the only person using your car, there are still dangers.

When you leave your car, you are most likely going to touch something public-facing at some point, whether it be at the grocery store, the gas station, at work, etc. Even if you sanitize your hands as soon as you get into the car, there's still a chance that bacteria has made its way inside. Besides, it doesn't hurt to be on the safe side.

The best way to disinfect vehicles

Now, when people think of disinfecting their vehicles, they usually think they have to do a "deep clean", which is often very time-consuming.

You could take an alcohol wipe and wipe down high touch surfaces, but that is expensive in the long run, time-consuming, and not very safe for the interior surfaces of the vehicle if you're constantly using alcohol-based products.

The solution is a product that gives you the freedom of not wiping the surface before and after disinfecting, and that device is the Mini Thermal Fogger with an environmentally safe disinfectant!

The Mini Thermal Fogger is a great little fogger that can be used to disinfect vehicles, among other places. It is a thermal fogger meaning that it produces a dry fog, so it won't get the fabric wet. A quick spray goes a long way, and no need to wipe anything after spraying.

The recommended disinfectant is all-natural, environmentally friendly, safe for humans, pets, plants, and is 99.99% effective.

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The great thing about the Mini Thermal Fogger is it is very lightweight and can be used inside the house as well. It is truly the ideal residential fogger. Save time, save money, and save the environment by not having to constantly throw out chemical wipes.

How To Use Mini Thermal Fogger to Disinfect Transportation Vehicles

Easy steps to be followed are:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Spray the Mini Thermal Fogger in the interior cabin of the vehicle, bus, metro, train, etc.
  3. Do the same to the exterior of the vehicles and don't wipe it off.
  4. Your vehicle is disinfected and ready to be used without any fear.

Thanks to technology, we have new methods, devices, and solutions for our disinfecting protocols, and the Mini Thermal Fogger is the best device and solution these days for protecting ourselves against Covid-19.

Why make life complicated when it can be simple! At long last, you can have a thermal fogger that is very compact, lightweight, and ready to keep you safe. If you have any other questions about how we may be able to help you, feel free to call us at 1-855-561-4512.

mini thermal fogger
Mini Thermal Fogger

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