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What Is The Nano Atomizer Used For?

Most people already have a lot on their plate due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and being forced to spend a lot of time and energy on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces from bacteria and germs (including the Corona virus) can be very challenging. But to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we need to keep our surroundings sanitized. Here is how the Nano handheld sanitizer which also known as nano mist gun or nano sprayer, can help make that whole process easier and more convenient.

The Nano-Atomizer is a handheld thermal dry fogger that will emit a dry disinfectant solution. This is the smallest fogging equipment sold by Disinfect & Fog. The fog that is emitted by the nano sanitizer has a 99% disinfection rate, is non-allergic, and safe to use around children, pets, etc.

Best applications of Nano handheld sanitizer

applications of Nano Atomizer


We use vehicles on a daily basis for transportation. Vehicles are something that can become infected with pathogens such as the Coronavirus quite easily. This is because there is a lot of physical contact that happens in vehicles and also because there is minimal airflow in vehicles.

So it is very important to disinfect vehicles regularly. Since most vehicles such as cars are small and have a lot of hard to reach places, this makes the Nano sanitizer the perfect fogging equipment for the job.

The disinfectant solution we supply for the Nano Atomizer turns into a dry fog that is safe for wiring and electronics. The fog will also remove any pathogens that are lingering in the air inside of vehicles.

A range of different businesses can benefit from this product, ranging from car dealerships, car washes, and even taxi/Uber services, and fleet vehicles.

Business Offices

The next place that can take advantage of this hand held sanitizer is Business Offices. Offices need to be disinfected on a daily basis to prevent the spread of germs. There are a lot of small gadgets and electronics in offices that are used by multiple people every day (telephones, printers, coffee makers, etc.), and need to be sanitized. This makes the Nano sanitizer perfect for the job.

Since this spray sanitizer is small, it can fit in the most narrow and tight spaces in office cubicles. The restroom can be one of the most contagious places in an office, and disinfecting it using the Nano sanitizer will be effortless. You can also use it to sanitize meeting rooms before a meeting takes place. Using this in the office will make you feel safer knowing the entire space has been disinfected safely and effectively.

what is nano sanitizer used for?

Medical Clinics

One of the best applications of the Nano handheld sanitizer is in medical clinics. Medical clinics, such as the dental office or a doctor’s office, is also another place that can make good use of an excellent solution such as the Nano Atomizer.

It is no surprise that dental offices and doctor’s offices need to be constantly disinfected and sanitized at all times. There’s a lot of small types of equipment that dentists and doctors use, and the Nano sprayer will be able to disinfect every single one of that equipment.

Also, dental offices and doctor’s offices are filled with high-tech gadgets and very expensive electrical equipment nowadays. Doctors and dentists can be at ease knowing the dry fog will completely disinfect their environment safely, without the risk of damage.

application nano atomizet

Hair Salons

Hair salons are another high-risk environment that would be perfect for the Nano Atomizer/sanitizer.

Barbers and hairdressers use a wide range of clippers, scissors, and brushes that need to be disinfected after each cut. Since this kind of sanitizer is handheld, it will be convenient for the barbers and hairdressers to constantly use to disinfect their equipment. The same is true of the chairs customers sit on.

Using the Nano handheld sanitizer after each cut will also make the customers feel safer getting a haircut during a pandemic.


Even though the Coronavirus is still an ongoing challenge, people want to relax and take the edge off from time to time by going to a bar or a pub. So, bars need to make sure their beer dispensers, seats, and tables are disinfected at all times. Since the disinfectant solution used by the Nano Atomizer/sanitizer is non-toxic, there will be no problems in using this fogger.

This is also a heavy-duty odor eliminator which will be a big plus for bars. The people who are going to bars during this difficult time want to forget about the pandemic for some time, and having a sanitized bar will assure them that they won’t have to think about COVID 19 as long as they are at that bar.

nano hand held sanitizer


Just like bars, restaurants are also one of the only social places open worldwide.

Restaurants need to be disinfected constantly as well. Also, since restaurants have a kitchen, the kitchen must also be sanitized. Kitchens are usually small and are the perfect place for this kind of sanitizer.

You can easily navigate through the kitchen with no problem and disinfect all the surfaces of the kitchen and the entire restaurant with our food safe disinfectant.

Your Home

Last but not least, you can use it in your home. The Nano sanitizer is small, so you will not have to worry about needing extra storage space in your home. The dry fog that is emitted by the Nano Atomizer is not harmful to small children and pets. You can use it anytime without having to worry about it having any negative side effects.

Why would you choose the Nano Atomizer over your other products?

The Nano sprayer is a handheld fogger, making it convenient for small spaces such as offices and vehicles. Still not sure if you should pick the Nano Atomizer or another one of our products?

In conclusion, fogging is an effective method of disinfecting an area in a relatively short period of time. It has many different applications for a wide variety of businesses that want to protect staff and customer and help the community by preventing the spread of the virus. Let's get back to work and play!

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