Rental Car Disinfecting Tips

Are you a car rental manager or a rental car user who's going on a road trip this end of summer? We have some rental car disinfecting tips for both of you!

Rental Car Disinfecting Tips for Car Rental Companies

If you own a rental car company or work for one, there are several things you need to consider when disinfecting a vehicle for your next customer, especially considering that the pandemic is not over and enclosed spaces like cars are hot spots for viral transmission. How to Kill Coronavirus and Disinfect Your Vehicles Without Damaging Interior Surfaces?

These are our best rental car disinfecting tips for car rental companies

First things first... Make sure to sanitize your hands before coming in contact with a soiled car and put on some personal protective equipment (PPE) including a fitted face mask and disposable gloves. This way you will be protected from potential virus exposure or other elements like dust or strong odours.

Next, clean the car. This means removing all floor mats and vacuuming the interior of the vehicle with the right attachments to reach all crevices. This is an essential step before disinfecting.

Prepare to disinfect. Make sure to choose the appropriate tools and disinfectants for the job. For instance, a dry fogger might be the best device in this case, as you shouldn't wet car upholstery too much to prevent the growth of mould. Also, organic and non-toxic disinfectants are recommended as these don't cause any breathing problems after their use.

Time to disinfect! The trick here is to fog the entire vehicle using smooth motions and going back to the high-touch areas that require additional attention. Afterwards, the car should be kept open (windows and doors) following the recommended dwell time indicated on the disinfectant label.

BONUS TIP - In case you were wondering, these are the high-touch surfaces you absolutely need to disinfect in a rental car: door handles, steering wheel, ignition area, levers (turn signal, light controls, and wipers), dashboard and touch screens, radio, AC/heat and all other buttons, gear shift, armrests, emergency brake handle and all other handles, seatbelts and buckles, cup holders, and key or remote fob.

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Rental Car Disinfecting Tips for Users

We can probably all agree that renting a car to go on a road trip is a fun experience. However, there are other things to consider when renting a car, like health and safety, especially after the pandemic started. That's why, even if you are sure that your car rental company completed a thorough disinfection process before handing you the keys to a rental car, you should take additional precautions, just to be safe.

These are our best rental car disinfecting tips for car rental customers:

First off... disinfect all door handles before getting into the car. In the best-case scenario, you should have a compact fogger or sprayer with you to take care of that. If not, simply wipe all door handles with a trusted disinfection solution and a clean cloth.

Let the car air out. The second step should be opening all doors and windows to let the car ventilate for a few minutes and avoid breathing stale air that may contain allergens or viruses.

Disinfect all high-touch surfaces. Once you get into the car and before you drive away, make sure to disinfect all high-touch surfaces such as the steering wheel, all buttons, handles and levers, armrests, seat belts and buckles, and anything else you can think of.

BONUS TIP! If you or any of the passengers in the car have flu-like symptoms, it is best to wear masks while on the road or drive with the windows down for air to flow freely. That way you will avoid viral infections from person to person and you will get to enjoy your road trip to the fullest.

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Best Products and Devices for Rental Car Disinfecting

Whether you are a car rental company owner or a customer, at Disinfect & Fog you can find the devices and disinfectants you need to ensure that renting a car continues to be a safe experience for everyone.

Disinfecto Electrostatic Sprayer. The best rental car disinfecting device! This lightweight and easy-to-use handheld sprayer weighs a little over 2 pounds and is powerful enough to provide excellent coverage. Also, since it generates mainly fog, it doesn't require wiping afterwards, saving time and effort. The Disinfecto is cordless and portable, featuring an exceptional rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that reaches a full charge in only 2 hours, for a run time of 3 and a half hours of continuous electrostatic disinfection. Give it a try!

Nano Atomizer Thermal Fogger. Compact and versatile rental car disinfecting tool! The Nano Atomizer Spray Sanitizer works by producing dry fog that disinfects on contact, making it perfect for car rental companies with a high volume of vehicles to disinfect. When paired with a hospital-grade disinfectant solution, this device kills 99.99% of all viruses and contaminants for ultimate results in very little time.

EnviroNize® Anolyte Multi-Use Disinfectant Spray. Multifunctional product for rental car disinfecting as it works great on all hard non-porous surfaces inside vehicles. It offers deep disinfection thanks to its concentrated electro-chemically activated solution rich in oxygen. It also eliminates odour-causing bacteria, which makes it even more perfect for car rental companies. The disinfectant is 100x more effective than bleach, killing 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, including (but not limited to) MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Human Coronavirus (HCoV) 229E. It may also be used against SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

Mini Nano Personal Sanitizer Sprayer. This one is for customers who need additional rental car disinfecting. The Mini Nano is the best compact device for disinfecting anything, anywhere. It comes with a USB charging cable and an internal battery that can be used for 20 mins continuously before needing to be recharged. Since it is small and lightweight, it fits in a backpack, purse, or somewhere in your rental car. Take it anywhere to keep yourself and those around you safe!

We hope you liked these rental car disinfecting tips and you can put them to good use. If you need additional information on how to disinfect vehicles or any other surfaces, don't hesitate to contact us or leave us a message below.

Stay safe out there!

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