Best Ways To Disinfect and Sanitize Gym Equipment

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, many aspects of our lives have changed or have been influenced in one way or another. Everyone is now more conscious of keeping their surroundings clean and safe through disinfecting. It is important to keep all high contact areas completely disinfected to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other germs including the flu virus.

One place that is of high importance for disinfecting and sanitizing are gyms. As you know, a gym is a place that is a very high contact area, with lots of people constantly moving around, breathing heavily, and using shared equipment. Going to the gym improves your health, but that will not be worth it if you are infected with COVID-19 or the flu. So keeping the gym disinfected is vital. But what is the best way to disinfect a gym?

The Different Methods to Sanitize Gym Equipment

Since the gym has many different pieces of equipment and areas for exercise, most people are not entirely sure how to completely disinfect the gym. Let’s look at some of the ways you can sanitize gym equipment fast and efficiently. The method that you use to sanitize gym equipment completely depends on the size of the gym, how many different types of equipment are present in the gym, and how often the gym equipment is used. 

Sanitizing Wipes

The first method you can use to sanitize gym equipment is to use sanitizing wipes. Most gyms offer some sort of disinfectant wipes for their clients. These wipes are a great way to sanitize gym equipment that's come into contact with other member's bodily fluids like sweat. These wipes are designed to disinfect which means the chemicals used will kill germs and bacteria on the surfaces that they are used on, and also gets rid of any dirt.

Sanitizing wipes are great for small gym equipment such as dumbbells or barbells. Dumbbells are one of the most touched equipment in the gym, so it is very important to constantly disinfect them. To use sanitizing wipes properly, you must wipe down the entire surface of the equipment you are going to use and then let the surface dry completely.

Another piece of gym equipment that makes good use of sanitizing wipes are benches. You can use sanitizing wipes to clean a bench thoroughly. But how about disinfecting yoga and Pilates mats?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of disadvantages to using sanitizing wipes to sanitize gym equipment. One of those disadvantages is how long it will take for you to sanitize every single piece of equipment in the gym. Also, you will need to use a lot of sanitizing wipes to disinfect these larger surface. Therefore, this method is not that efficient and is quite slow and expensive in sanitizing gym equipment.  

The Nano Atomizer

The second method you can use to disinfect gym equipment is by using a handheld sanitizing spray such as the Nano Atomizer. The Nano Atomizer is a handheld dry fogger that will emit a dry disinfectant solution. This will disinfect all surfaces and make the surfaces antiseptic. A handheld product like this sanitizing spray is a good option to use to sanitize equipment in the gym because you can sanitize all the small equipment completely and efficiently and the air will also be disinfected. The Nano Atomizer and recommended solution will also remove odours and can be sprayed on equipment and carpets. This is a big bonus, as gym equipment such as benches and surrounding flooring can get covered in sweat and start to smell. The only disadvantage of using the spray sanitizer is that because the fog is dry, any excess sweat or grime will need to be wiped before spraying.  

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Cleaning Detergents

Another method you can use is cleaning detergents. This method is not ideal to sanitize gym equipment because many cleaning detergents don’t completely kill all the germs that are present on surfaces. This is the only method that you should avoid if you want to fully disinfect and sanitize gym equipment. Although it is good for cleaning the equipment prior to disinfecting. 

The Portable Fogger

The next method to disinfect gym equipment is by using a cordless fogger like the Portable Fogger. The Portable Fogger is a high-powered electrostatic fogger, which is great for sanitizing bigger spaces. This kind of fogger machine doesn’t need to plug in and you can carry it easily. This ULV fog that is emitted has a 99.9% disinfection rate. This product is the best way to sanitize gym equipment. It has the best balance between power and size. Using this product, you can sanitize anything small such as dumbbells, or much larger equipment such as treadmills. The fog emitted by this disinfectant will also disinfect the surrounding air in the gym, making the gym an even safer space. If you need to more about this magic disinfectant machine read "all about portable fogger"

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What is the Best Method for Disinfecting a Gym?

Sanitization has become important in every aspect of our lives including going to the gym to exercise. The best method to disinfect gym equipment is using the Portable Fogger. This product will sanitize a gym of very fast and efficiently. Hence, it is a good idea to invest in this technology to safe time, reduce disinfecting costs and provide a safe and clean gym experience. If you need a disinfectant fogger for your gym contact "Disinfect & Fog".

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