How to Disinfect Restaurants and Bars to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

As a result of the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, many sectors have faced massive losses and numerous problems; the food and beverage industry being among these. Due to the virus, many restaurants and bars have had to shut down, leaving many out of work. Meanwhile, the business owners that have managed to keep their establishments open are doing their best to keep their customers and staff safe by taking extra steps to disinfect restaurants on a continuous basis.

This scenario is very different than what was usual for them prior to COVID-19 when all that was needed was a light cleaning of surfaces with a quick spray and wipe. Today, this is not enough.

How to Properly Disinfect Restaurants

When disinfecting common restaurant surfaces such as tables, chairs, and food preparation counters, the most important thing we need to keep in mind is that disinfectant solutions need to be allowed a proper dwell time. This is because if a staff member quickly sprays a table and immediately wipes it, the disinfectant may not have had enough time to sit or "dwell" on the surface for it to do its job.

In addition to this, it is important to keep in mind that disinfecting restaurants can’t be only about tables and chairs. There are many other surfaces that also require proper disinfection, like doors, handles, washrooms, payment equipment, and the air. But how do you do this in a way that is cost-effective while not being time-consuming?

Disinfect & Fog has the best solution for you: a safe disinfectant and application device that will you save time and money.

ULV (Ultra Light Volume) sprayers and foggers are excellent disinfecting devices that are portable and cover a vast area quickly and effectively. ULV technology is being used in many industries, as it is very versatile and delivers uniform disinfection conditions over different surfaces. What it does is provide a high volume of air, which produces adjustable aerosol microns of moisture content that allow the user to evenly apply the disinfectant solution to a multitude of surfaces.

Moreover, the recommended disinfectants used with ULV cold foggers are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for humans, pets, and plants, so you don't have to worry about using them! The disinfectants are hospital-grade and can be used on food preparation surfaces without the need to wipe or rinse. Another advantage is that they also disinfect the air, so any lingering airborne germs will be killed, which is especially useful for areas with little to no air circulation, like commercial or professional kitchens.

The process of using this equipment for disinfecting restaurants is easy and reliable. Anyone can operate this tool to disinfect restaurant areas and keep their business and customers safe.

The Best Way to Disinfect Bars

Bars are places where many people go to chill and have fun, but crowds make it difficult for customers to practice social distancing, which is why bar owners need to be extra careful in terms of cleaning and disinfecting their spaces.

Disinfectants, alcohol, soap and water, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, and many more are regularly used to disinfect bars. But, are these disinfectants safe for places where so many people gather all at once? Are they environmentally friendly? Are they cost-effective?

At Disinfect & Fog, we know that regular disinfectants are not as effective when it comes to vast areas. And even the ones that are, most times are not applied with tools that provide a good level of efficiency and ease of use. This is why we recommend the Nano Atomizer and Electrostatic Sprayer. Both of these devices are handheld and cordless, so they can be used anywhere, even while crowds are gathered at a bar. You may ask how?

Nano Atomizers are perfect for any space that needs quick and easy disinfecting, like a bar during work hours. It allows you to disinfect your space without scrubbing, wiping, or rinsing, and it is completely safe to use around people, plants, and even pets. It is a thermal fogger that produces a dry fog, making it very effective against viruses and bacteria on all types of surfaces.

Meanwhile, the Disinfecto Electrostatic Sprayer is an innovative device that provides comprehensive disinfection of surfaces and environments. It performs with excellent coverage thanks to its adjustable atomization feature that allows you to switch from a 60-um to a 120-um droplet diameter.

An additional benefit of both these devices is their capability to disinfect the air inside a room, which is just as important as disinfecting surfaces. Dry foggers and electrostatic sprayers are able to turn any hospital-grade disinfectant solution into microscopic particles that are light enough to linger in the air for enough time to kill 99.99% of the pathogens floating there, achieving safe and effective airborne disinfection.

Airborne disinfection is one of the best methods against the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause acute respiratory diseases, such as the coronavirus, since it eliminates pathogens that can potentially be breathed in by people, breaking the chain of infection. This is why no disinfection protocol or strategy is really complete if it doesn’t include airborne disinfection.

Step by Step Guide to Disinfecting Restaurants and Bars

Once you have your preferred disinfection device, sprayer, or fogger, all you need to do is:

  1. Fill the disinfectant tank with our ready-to-use non-toxic disinfectant
  2. Turn the sprayer or fogger on and adjust the spray for the size of your environment
  3. Spray or fog over whatever surfaces you want to disinfect - even those hard-to-reach areas! And don’t forget to include air ducts and vents.

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You can now easily disinfect an entire restaurant or bar, providing your customers with a safe and disinfected place to enjoy a nice meal or a cold beer and have a good time even during these difficult times.

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