What is Handheld Nano Spray Gun?

There are many different forms of sanitizers, but in this article, we will be looking at the handheld nano spray gun, also known as Nano sprayer or Nano mist gun, one of the most common types of foggers sanitizers that people use.  As the COVID-19 pandemic has become a reality in every one of our lives, most people have at least one form of sanitizer they use on a daily basis. A sanitizing solution is usually in the form of a liquid that disinfects the surface that it comes in contact with by killing the germs and pathogens (like viruses) present on that surface.

Nano sprayers take the usual disinfection process to a whole new level. These devices work by taking a sanitizing solution stored in their tanks and spraying it outwards. With this method, you do not need to apply sanitizer solution directly on surfaces, and it covers a wider surface area, saving you time and effort.

Handheld nano spray guns fall under two different categories, spray sanitizers that let out a wet mist, and those that let out a dry fog (such as the Nano Atomizer). The first type has a few disadvantages, like the need to wipe surfaces after spraying to dry them up. The fact that they produce a wet spray also means you cannot use them to disinfect electronics such as printers, phones, TVs, etc. The Nano Spray Gun, on the other hand, does not have these problems and has many additional advantages over dry spray sanitizers.

Why Handheld Nano Spray Gun?

First of all, a nano spray gun such as the Nano Atomizer works by heating the sanitizing solution making it into a dry fog with the use of nanotechnology. This process is known as thermal fogging. Since the fog is completely dry, you do not need to wipe the surface after using the dry spray gun. This also means that it is safe to use on all sorts of electronics with no fear of damaging them. Furthermore, dry fog can get into all the small crevices of whatever you are trying to sanitize, guaranteeing that it is fully sanitized and free of germs.

Dry foggers like the Nano Atomizer also kill pathogens in the air, purifying them. Plus, by using a nano spray gun, you will also be able to disinfect a larger area in a shorter amount of time.

sprat sanitizer
Nano Atomizer Sprayer

Where to use a Handheld Nano Spray Gun?

An example of common use of a nano spray gun can be disinfecting a vehicle such as a car. Trying to disinfect a car using a disinfectant wipe or a wet spray sanitizer will take a long time and, truth be told, this method would make it impossible to get the entirety of the car sanitized. This is because cars have a lot of electrical components that cannot get wet or they might spoil, as well as many tight spaces.

In these cases, a nano spray gun such as the Nano Atomizer will come in handy. You can disinfect the entire car fast and with no worries of damaging any of the electrical components of the car. You can also rest assured that any germs that are in the air inside of the car will also be removed by a dry nano spray gun.

Dry disinfecting devices like the Nano Atomizer would also be ideal to clean spaces like libraries or offices, where there is a delicate combination of printed documents and electronics, none of which can get wet, but all of which need to be disinfected because they are touched by multiple hands during a regular day.

Moreover, dry foggers are excellent to clean floors in high-traffic areas because they eliminate the slide risks, especially when people wear slippery shoes, and they keep areas open and available at all times, instead of having to close recently disinfected sections of space to wait until floors dry.

Another reason why disinfectant equipment like Nano Atomizers are so handy is that they can be used in spaces where people’s clothing comes in contact with surfaces like in playgrounds, where kids use toboggans, swing sets, seesaws, and slides. Dry foggers are ideal because they make the space safe for children, without getting them or their clothes wet with disinfectant solution.

Overall, dry foggers are an excellent choice to disinfect areas where lots of people spend time, and they work even better when paired with disinfectant solutions made with ingredients that are safe to use around humans, pets, and plants.

On a final note, COVID-19 does not look like it is going away anytime soon, and when it does go away, there are always other germs that we have to be careful of at all times. So, it is good to know more about handheld spray sanitizers, as they are undoubtedly useful to us during and even after the pandemic.

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