How To Properly Disinfect Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

2020, what a year! A year that surprised the whole world with the deadly Coronavirus. It affected the entire globe from the strongest country to the weakest, from the richest to the poorest of the poor. It became a global pandemic that we are still battling without really knowing when it will end.

Many people are not coming out of their homes because they fear this virus, and others have no other option but to go out and work as they need to survive and support their families. We have all grown to understand the need to disinfect our homes to maintain a safe living environment. Safety starts at home. Ensure you wash your hands whenever you come home, clean your shoes and try to disinfect the plastics and the bags if you are returning from shopping.  But isn't this too much?

Disinfect the house, shoes, plastics, corridors, doors, and handles?

Isn't disinfectant costly? And to do all this disinfecting process, how much disinfectant will you need in a week or a month?

Not to worry, we have a solution that might be right for you!

The Best Way to Disinfect Your Home

The process of disinfecting your home will start from the main door, then the corridors if you have, then the lobby, the stairs, the shoe racks, the doors along with their handles.

After all, this comes when disinfecting and sanitizing the plastics, bags, and the packs of the items we purchase in the shopping you did before keeping them in the kitchen.

A note to all that we must not forget to disinfect the sofas, chairs, dining tables, and kitchen chairs. The toilet seats and the washroom, along with the bathroom, should be disinfected starting from the door handles to the water taps, then the sink and all high-touch areas. When you disinfect, make sure all the spots are covered uniformly with disinfectant and all areas are covered.

Are all these possible with just soap and water? Or alcohol and wipes? No, not in a timely manner!

Don't lose heart; we have the best remedy for you in this case.

We have a good option, time-saving, pocket friendly and economical as well as trustworthy.

Nano spray gun will help you disinfect all the stated areas above in one go, it is a fog that dries on its own, and you don't have the burden of wiping the surfaces after disinfecting. Just fog and go!

Isn't it awesome?

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The Step by Step Guide to Disinfect your Home

  1. Press the ON button and let the Nano heat up for one minute
  2. Hold it in both hands and click the trigger to start spraying
  3. Spray it all over the surfaces that you want to disinfect
  4. Leave the disinfectant on the surfaces, and do not wipe it off. This sanitizer spray dries itself after the appropriate dwell time as per the disinfectant used. Usually, within one minute all pathogens on surfaces are disinfected.

This great Nano Atomizer is perfect for quick, easy, safe and effective disinfecting of many environments. You can even take care of areas that have electronics because it's a dry fog with very little moisture. Look at purchasing your own easy to use Nano Starter Kit!

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