How To Properly Disinfect Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

2020, was quite a year! A year that surprised us with the deadly COVID-19, a contagious disease that has affected the entire globe, from the strongest country to the weakest, and from the richest to the poorest of the poor. It became a global pandemic that we are still battling, without really knowing when it will end. Now in 2021, many people are still under lockdown in some parts of the world, even here in Canada, while others are slowly going back to some kind of normal. Regardless of where they are, what all families in the world have in common is the need to properly disinfect homes, not only during this coronavirus pandemic but for the years to come. It is the best way to maintain a healthy and safe living environment since we now all know that safety starts at home.

How to get started? Well, first ensuring you wash your hands whenever you come home and always wear a face-covering when you are outside. Apart from that, many recommend that we try to disinfect everything we touch, even plastic bags after shopping! But isn't this too much? If we add all the tasks involved in disinfecting a house, including sanitizing high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, and more, it is.

"Isn't disinfectant costly?" And to do all this disinfecting process, "how much disinfectant solution will you need in a week or a month?" These are some questions you may be asking yourself but do not worry, we have a solution that might be right for you!

Learn to Properly Disinfect Your Home

In the process of disinfecting your home, you can start at your front door, covering the corridors and the stairs, if you have; then shoe racks and all doors, along with their handles. Moving on, you can't forget to disinfect sofas, chairs, dining tables, and all surfaces in the kitchen. The washroom is also important, with special attention to toilet seats. In fact, washrooms should be disinfected completely, starting from the door handles, cleaning everything to the water taps, the sink, and all high-touch areas.

When you disinfect, make sure all the spots are covered uniformly with disinfectant and all areas are covered. Added to this, you can increase the effectiveness of your disinfection process by disinfecting the air. Airborne disinfection is not optional, it is actually crucial for controlling the transmission of pathogens (viruses and bacteria).

Now that you know what it takes to properly disinfect your home, do you think all of these tasks are possible with just soap and water? Or alcohol and wipes? No, not in a timely manner! But don't lose heart, because we have the best remedy for you in this case. It is a good, time-saving, pocket-friendly, and effective option for disinfecting your home and keeping your family safe.

The best tool for these domestic tasks is a residential disinfecting fogger or sprayer, like our Cordless ULV Atomizer or our Mini Thermal Fogger. These devices will help you disinfect all the stated areas above in one go, and the best part is not having to wipe surfaces afterward; just fog and go! Isn't it awesome?

Dry fogging using a thermal fogging device is also an efficient and suitable airborne disinfection method. This is one step you shouldn't skip because disinfecting the air can lower the risk of infection when done with fogging machines, which are often used by pharmaceutical cleanroom equipment manufacturers for environmental disinfection of hard-to-reach areas. Foggers are also efficient at restricting the growth of mould and mildew in your home when paired with a good hospital-grade disinfectant solution.

Step by Step Guide to Disinfect your Home

  1. Press the ON button and let your preferred fogger heat up for one minute
  2. Hold it in both hands and click the trigger to start spraying
  3. Spray it all over the surfaces that you want to disinfect
  4. Leave the disinfectant on the surfaces, and do not wipe it off for better results (dwell time varies depending on the disinfectant solution used).

Both the Nano spray gun or our Mini Thermal Fogger can bring some peace of mind to your home thanks to their efficient and cost-effective disinfection power. They are both quick, easy, and safe to use for the disinfection of all the different environments of your home. You can even take care of areas that have electronics because of their dry fog that generates very little moisture.

If you are interested in upgrading your cleaning and disinfecting routine at home, look at purchasing your own easy-to-use Nano Starter Kit!

And for more information or comments, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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