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Nano Atomizer

The ultimate handheld dry fogger | Nano handheld spray sanitizer

Looking for a way to save time and money while disinfecting effectively? The solution is here, introducing the Nano Atomizer, perfect for any space that needs a quick and easy disinfecting.  

Imagine being able to thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently disinfect your home without the tiresome labour of spraying, scrubbing and wiping. No rinsing required, and safe for kids, plants, and pets!

You can use this Nano handled spray sanitizer even on your mobile, laptop, clothes,tableware, cookware, car, home, bar, party, school, toy, office and auditorium.Because it is provided with dry application. The ultimate handled dry fogger known as Nano Atomizer works simply by pressing the start button waterline. This disinfectant machine has a gear indicator and a power touch switch for easy use.

The Nano Atomizer/Spray Sanitizer produces a dry fog making it perfect for households, hair salons, barbers, dental offices, medical clinics, vehicles, and much more. This kind of thermal fogger is made to kill all viruses and sanitizes all the surfaces.  This disinfectant machine is made of the best quality. Buy this incredible handled Nano Atomizer from Disinfect & Fog in Canada.

-  Thermal fogger (dry application)
- 1300 watts
- Comes in white, pink, blue, or green
- Spray distance of 1.5 - 4 meters
- 350 ml capacity
- Net weight of 1.52 kg.
- Can disinfect approx. 60 square feet before refill

Product Number:   DNFHHF900

Instead of simply trying to acquire a fogger, and then not know how to use it or acquiring the proper solution to run in it, simply ask us for help. We created Fogger Starter Kits to help first-time users, giving you access to training videos, which teaches all aspects of fogging, everything from unboxing, set-up, adding solution, usage, and maintenance. Let Disinfect & Fog help you decide on the fogging equipment you need.

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