How to Rapidly Disinfect Workout Mats?

Updated on July 8, 2021

How many of us sanitize or disinfect our workout mats after or even before each use? Is it cost-effective to spend on disinfectant solutions on mats and to disinfect them every day, even though we know no one else but us has used them? Today, we will provide you with a step-by-step, as well as important recommendations for the disinfection of your gym mats.

Gyms, yoga classes, and pilates sessions are spaces where many people gather at the same time and in close proximity to each other. This is precisely the reason why during this pandemic many studios have had to close down, even though many of them were following COVID-19 protocols.

Now that we are aware of how this and other viruses spread, we’re all probably wondering how we ever touched some of the gym equipment without knowing for sure if it had been sanitized properly, and that includes the mats. These workout accessories were probably used by an average of 10 people per day in a busy gym, making them a potential source of viruses, bacteria, and germs.

While that is sorted out, people are working out from home, taking online classes with yoga and Pilates’ instructors, and using their own equipment, including mats. However, they will hopefully soon return to their gyms and wellness centres, so this is the best time to learn to clean and disinfect the mats they use for their own health and the health of others in their communities.

Why is it Important to Disinfect Yoga and Pilates Mats?

Disinfecting and sanitizing yoga and pilates mats is essential, and not just at the gym, but also at home. Because of the nature of the activities that are practised on them, these workout mats come in contact with large amounts of sweat and other bodily fluids, as well as dirt. As a result, mats usually develop odours and visible grime.

Yoga and Pilates mats are known to be the source of the type of fungi and bacteria that causes conditions like athlete’s foot, plantar warts, and even staph infections. This happens because most mats are not disinfected after each use, and instead are stores in dark closets or moist gym bags, which happen to provide the perfect environment for contaminants to grow and reproduce.

And as surprising as it might be, the workout mats that are most likely contaminated by these microorganisms are those owned by one person, and not the ones provided at gyms or wellness centres, that are for communal use. In fact, communal mats are known to be considerably more hygienic because most business owners do disinfect their equipment and accessories regularly.

At this point, the big question is, how do you effectively sanitize and disinfect the mats after each use?

how to disinfect wokout mat

What is the Best Way to Disinfect Workout Mats?

In our opinion, the best way to disinfect and sanitize workout mats and other gym equipment is to use a fogger or sprayer paired with a reliable disinfectant solution. This is a quick and easy method that both gym owners and people who work out from home can use.

One of the foggers we recommend the most for this particular task is the Electrostatic Portable Fogger, which is a cordless fogger with a rechargeable battery for convenient, on-the-go disinfection. It works by charging liquids (i.e., cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants) as they pass through its sprayer nozzle, making them more efficient at killing germs (viruses, bacteria) on surfaces and in mid-air.

Another fogger we strongly recommend is our brand new Disinfecto Electrostatic Sprayer, a cordless device designed for comprehensive disinfection of surfaces and environments at home or at work. This machine is lightweight and easy-to-use, but powerful enough to provide excellent coverage thanks to its adjustable atomization feature and its electrostatic generator for improved uniformity of droplets and surface coverage.

Whichever of these electrostatic sprayers you choose, we guarantee that you will be able to provide your gym or home gym quick and effective disinfection, reaching all surfaces, even those hard-to-reach ones, and covering all equipment, including yoga and pilates mats.

How to Use an Electrostatic Sprayer for Sanitizing Workout Mats

Using an electrostatic sprayer is a straightforward process, just follow the steps below!

  1. Press the power button on the device to turn it on.
  2. Hold it in your hand using the handle (don't worry, these devices are not heavy and can be carried anywhere!)
  3. Spray directly over your workout mats, as well as any equipment and areas you feel need to be disinfected.
  4. Done! Repeat as often as you need.

We know that COVID-19 has made life difficult for all. One of the effects of the pandemic is that daily gym-goers are now afraid to return because of the dangerous virus, but we are here to tell you that with a proper disinfecting process, members will feel much safer resuming their workout schedule.

If you found this information helpful, know that is no need to purchase expensive disinfectants by the bottle that won’t offer reliable results are not all but cost-effective. Instead, go to the official page of Disinfect & Fog and order an electrostatic sprayer today. Whether you are a business owner or you have a home gym, a disinfectant device will provide you with peace of mind and help allow you to enjoy your yoga, pilates, or your favourite workout like never before.

What do you think of this subject? Did you disinfect and sanitize your workout mats before COVID-19? Let us know in the comments.

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