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Wireless Portable Fogger

Lightweight, cordless, and convenient electrostatic fogger .

The Portable Fogger is a wireless electrostatic sprayer with rechargeable battery for convenient, on-the-go fogging.
The Portable Fogger Disinfection Machine's liquid pipeline is made of the highest quality, which makes it resistant to corrosion.

No more worrying about dragging cords around or finding a power outlet, this fogger holds up to 1.8L of disinfectant and can spray up to 3 metres. With a solid build and convenient carrying handle, the Portable Fogger will save you both time and resources.

The rechargeable battery operates for 30 minutes, and has a status light so you always know how much charge is left. The battery can be recharged both while on or off the device.

The electrostatic process uses an internal negative ion generator for capturing, killing germs (viruses, bacteria) in mid air.

The Portable Fogger is a powerful fogger machine for sterilization and disinfection of areas such as hospitals, schools, theatres, churches, cars, trains, and other public places. The Portable Fogger also has an adjustable spray rate from 0 to 50 microns.

Not suggested for use on electronics.

-  Capacity: 1.8 litres
-  Operating Time: 30 minutes
-  Coverage: 3 meters

Product Number:   DNFPFW906

Instead of simply trying to acquire a fogger, and then not know how to use it or acquiring the proper solution to run in it, simply ask us for help. We created Fogger Starter Kits to help first-time users, giving you access to training videos, which teaches all aspects of fogging, everything from unboxing, set-up, adding solution, usage, and maintenance. Let Disinfect & Fog help you decide on the fogging equipment you need.

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