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Over the past 6 months, COVID-19 has taught us all to be a little more germophobic than we were before. I’m sure most of us have had at least one situation where we’ve found ourselves having to touch something and then feeling a little icky when there’s no hand sanitizer around to get rid of any potential germs on our hands.

Ever go to store and the touch-less hand sanitizer dispenser has run out so you have to touch the pump that EVERYONE else has touched? Gone to the gas station, touched the gas pump and then didn’t know what to do because now you have no choice other than to touch your steering wheel? You’re not alone.

We live in a world where we can’t live the way we used to. We can’t hug our friends and families, we can’t leave the house without remembering a mask, and there’s always a slight hint of fear that someone near you could be contagious.

The Wearable Sanitizer Band

Since the beginning of the pandemic, everyone seems to be stocking up on sanitizer, cleaning products, anything to help keep them and their families safe. Hand sanitizer became a staple in every household, and those little on-the-go bottles became a thing you don’t leave the house without. The only problems: they aren’t the easiest to find, most people use one and then throw the bottle out causing even more waste, and in order to carry it around, you need to have a pocket or purse.

Then emerged the Sanitizer Wrist Band, a silicone device that you wear on your wrist, just like a watch, but you fill it with hand sanitizer to always have on the go. But why is wearable sanitizer better than a bottle of sanitizer?

wearable sanitizer

Wearable Sanitizer Always With You, Everywhere You Go

Some might say why spend your money on that when you can just carry a bottle around. Sure, you could do that, but have you ever left the house without something like your keys, your phone, your mask? The majority of people definitely have. Rushing out of your house, you have the important things on your mind that you have to remember, and sanitizer isn’t always on that list. If you have your wearable sanitizer, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your sanitizer bottle because the band is already on your wrist.

Some might say that almost anywhere you go there is hand sanitizer almost everywhere, but have you ever been in an elevator, you pressed the button, and now you’re stuck not touching anything until you get to an area with sanitizer? There are always going to be instances where you are forced to touch something and there is no sanitizer around, and if you’ve forgotten your own bottle, then you are forced to just feel a bit gross for a while, and don’t even think about touching your face until you get to a hand washing or sanitization station.

Now think of kids in school. Schools are back and kids are around others all day long. A lot of teachers are responsible for sanitizing kids’ hands every so often, especially in younger grades, but if your child had a sanitizer bracelets, they could feel safe all the time. They wouldn’t have to wait to clean their hands if they touched something that someone else had also touched before.

In certain sports, you could have your wrist band on, you have a break in play and you want to sanitize, you can do it easily with wearable sanitizer wristband. You’re most likely not going to be carrying around a bottle of sanitizer with you while playing, but depending on the sport, you sure can have your personal sanitizer strapped to your arm that won’t hurt you because it’s made out of silicone.

Wearable Sanitizer Better For The Environment

hand sanitizer bracelets

As mentioned before, the little bottles of sanitizer are great and portable, but once you’re finished with it, most people don’t bother to refill it, instead it ends up in a landfill. The majority of people who buy them purchase them in a pack, so once one is done, that bottle gets thrown out and another bottle comes into use.

Because of the pandemic, we already have so many one-time use objects, such as masks, that end up as litter, and we really don’t need anything else that takes such a long time to break down out there.

Sanitizer Wrist Bands are refillable, so you can buy a big bottle of sanitizer and fill up your band every time it gets low. You won’t be throwing out that big bottle of sanitizer anywhere near as often as the little bottles.

In conclusion, think of almost any situation that you’ve been in or could be in, and you can find a reason why the Sanitizer Wrist Band could be very useful to you. Stay safe out there and invest in yourself and your family.

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