Is the Use of Hand Sanitizer Effective in Preventing Covid-19?

When COVID-19 broke out, many people were scared to see the news and hear daily about new cases and deaths. Meanwhile, the Disinfect & Fog team was busy helping people remain safe and, months later, get back to work safely, offering them a diverse range of fogging and disinfectants products. Back then, everyone stocked up on hand sanitizer causing a shortage in the market. But is the use of hand sanitizer effective in preventing Covid-19? In this article we will discuss just that.

First things first, let’s explain that hand sanitizers are gel products designed to kill certain germs on the skin. They don’t remove the number of contaminants that soap and water do but are certainly a great option in situations where handwashing is not possible. The great advantage of hand sanitizers is that they come in different sizes and can easily fit in pockets and bags.

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When using hand sanitizers, it is important to keep in mind that they may not work for every situation. For instance, these gels may not remove harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and heavy metals like lead, according to the CDC. Additionally, hand sanitizers need some type of alcohol to be effective, which means they are also flammable. For this reason, these products shouldn’t be stored above 40 degrees and, according to the FDA, “should be rubbed into the hands until they feel completely dry before continuing activities that may involve heat, sparks, static electricity, or open flames.”


Considering how important it is to use hand sanitizers when we're in places where water and soap are not available to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, last year our company introduced a sanitizer wrist band, the SaniGo, which was an excellent idea for all ages, especially kids who are going to school and touching everything around them.

Can Hand Sanitizers Kill COVID-19?

Hand sanitizers are known to kill and destroy viruses that are very much like the coronavirus which is why experts believe these products to be effective against the deadly coronavirus. Those that contain 60% alcohol are best, so our recommendation is for people to read the labels before purchasing.

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People should also keep in mind that hand sanitizer may be faster and more convenient than soap and water, but not better. So, if these things are available, they should always be the first option as they can kill more germs. If not, then people should make sure to cover their hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer and remember that these products are not to be used for greasy hands or dirty surfaces.

Different Hand Sanitizers and Their Effectiveness

In the table below, you can see different types of hand sanitizers and their level of effectiveness.

What is the Risk of Using a Hand Sanitizer that Contains Methanol?

According to the FDA, hand sanitizers that contain methanol are considered wood alcohol. This chemical can cause blindness and even death if ingested. Additionally, these products tend to dehydrate skin and can even result in dermatitis in areas that are already affected by dryness.

Methanol is not an acceptable ingredient for hand sanitizers due to its toxic nature, so avoiding hand sanitizers that contain this active ingredient is the best option. However, people shouldn’t stop using hand sanitizers made of other ingredients (like alcohol-based sanitizers) when they go out in public, as these products are still considered very effective to fight a diversity of germs. So, don’t hesitate to keep a hand sanitizer with you when you go out in public, whether it be in your purse, pocket, or even on your wrist!

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This pandemic may be long and exhausting, but you can always rely on companies like Disinfect & Fog that are always ready to be by your side and life easier. Remember, you can count on us!

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Please note: Hand sanitizer is for external use only and can NOT treat COVID-19.

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