Is the Use of Hand Sanitizer Effective in Preventing Covid-19?

When COVID-19 broke out, many people were scared to see the news and hearing about the daily cases and deaths. The Disinfect & Fog team was busy helping people remain safe and get back to work safely, offering different fogging products and disinfectants.

Everyone stocked up on hand sanitizer until there was a shortage in the market. Little did we know that water and soap are way more effective than any hand sanitizer, but is it always the case? Do we get water and soap wherever we go? NO!

Hence hand sanitizers became the second-best saviors and came to help all of us.

The great advantage of hand sanitizers is that they come in different sizes and can easily fit in pockets and bags. It is very important to use hand sanitizers frequently when we're in places where water and soap are not available in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thanks to the new technology and fresh ideas, the Disinfect & Fog company introduced a sanitizer wrist band, which was an excellent idea for all ages, especially kids who are going to school and touching everything around them.

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Is the Use of Hand Sanitizer Effective

Can Hand Sanitizers Kill COVID-19?

Hand sanitizers are known to kill and destroy viruses that are very much like the coronavirus. Hence, the expert believes that it can work best against the deadly coronavirus.

Hand sanitizers that contain 60% alcohol are best, so make sure you read the labels before purchasing. Hands should be covered thoroughly, both the front and back of the hand.

Keep in mind, hand sanitizer may be faster and more convenient but if water and soap are available, go for it, as the solution of water and soap is capable of killing more germs.

To be noted, hand sanitizers are not to be used for greasy hands or dirty surfaces. It is only able to kill viruses and germs and not grease and dirt.

Different Hand Sanitizers and Their Effectiveness

In the table below, you can see different hand sanitizers with the amount of their effectiveness.

Different Hand Sanitizers and Their Effectiveness

What is the Risk of Using a Hand Sanitizer that Contains Methanol?

According to the FDA, the hand sanitizers that contain methanol are known to be wood alcohol. The chemical can cause blindness and even death if it is ingested.

Hand sanitizers that contain methanol should be avoided as it tends to dehydrate the skin, cause dry skin to the user, and even result in dermatitis right in the areas that are already affected.

It has been warned that methanol is not an acceptable ingredient for hand sanitizers, and it should be banned and not used due to its toxic nature.

Based on research and findings, methanol hand sanitizers are very bad for health and can even cause serious health issues to human beings, so avoiding hand sanitizers that contain methanol is the best option.

So, keep a hand sanitizer with you when you go out in public, whether it be in your purse, pocket, or even on your wrist! It seems like the coronavirus is still going to be with us and in our lives for another year or so, so better to be safer than ending up in a hospital bed.

If you are in a place where soap and water are not available, rely only on alcohol-based sanitizers as they are known to work best.

Visit Disinfect & Fog's official website and order your sanitizer wrist bands for you and your family in order to keep them safe during this pandemic.

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Life is not easy, but companies like Disinfect & Fog are always ready to be by your side to make life easier. Keep sanitized and stay safe!

Please note: Hand sanitizer is for external use only and can NOT treat COVID-19.

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