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All About The Sanitizer Wrist Band

Due to the COVID-19 spread all around the world, items such as face masks have been encouraged to be worn as a primary source in the prevention of the spread of the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also emphasized strongly on hand-washing frequently and the use of hand sanitizers. Hence, most of people, nowadays, are more conscious of being clean and sanitary. That is why there has been a large increase in people using hand sanitizers and other types of sanitizers. A product like the Sanitizer Wrist Band also fits in that category. Carrying your own personal bottle of hand sanitizer is preferred but not always convenient. Often when running out of the door you will forget or feel it's a hassle to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. Also, it is quite difficult to try and take out your bottle of hand sanitizer, open it, and try to use it whilst standing on a moving train or bus. Here is where the Sanitizer Wrist Band will come in handy.

sanitizer wrist band

What is the Sanitizer Wrist Band?

Sanitizer Wrist Bands are similar to a watch that wraps around your wrist but holds hand sanitizer. It is very easy to use and offers a convenient, simple, and portable defense against germs. The wristband can be filled with a hand sanitizer of your choice, and when you press on it, the sanitizer will be dispensed into your hand. It comes in many different colors, making it versatile for people of all ages, whether you want a fun color or something a bit more professional.

Why Choose the Sanitizer Wrist Band?

So why would you choose the Sanitizer Wrist Band over a bottle of sanitizers? Since you wear the wristband hand sanitizer dispenser, you do not need to worry about carrying it around with you in your pocket or purse.  Also, it takes very little time to use the Sanitizer Wrist Band to sanitize your hands, making it a great product to have for those times on the go when you need a quick squirt of sanitizer while shopping, pumping gas, or riding an elevator.

sanitizer wrist band

Applications of the Sanitizer Wrist Band

Since most people are not very familiar with this type of product, let’s look at some of the applications that the Sanitizer Wrist Band has in people’s everyday lives.

Public Transportation

A great time to have a sanitizer band is while on public transportation such as buses, planes or trains. Easily accessible on your wrist, don't worry about trying to fumble around your bag looking for your hand sanitizer.

Restaurants and Stores

Another great place to use the Sanitizer Wrist Band is in restaurants and cafes. Why use their stinky or sticky sanitizer when you have your own from home on your wrist!

Gas Stations and Elevators

Sometimes there are no sanitizer dispensers around, for example pumping gas or on an elevator. At the gas station, use the Sanitizer Band before getting back in your vehicle so you don't have to touch anything inside your vehicle with your dirty hands. In an elevator, you can now safely press the buttons then squeeze the Sanitizer Band for peace of mind.

sanitizer wrist band

You can choose the ideal colour to make sure the Sanitizer Wrist Band looks good whether you're dressing up or dressing down! You can colour coordinate the Sanitizer Wrist Band with your shoes, or any other element of your outfit. Just because you are staying safe and germ-free, does not mean that you don’t have to look fashionable!

The Sanitizer Wrist Band is a great product for anyone on the go. It is also a great product for children to wear and use to keep themselves safe while on the bus or at school. Great for everyday use or going to work while not having to sacrifice looking nice or professional. Great for the whole family, get yours today!

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