Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Fogger or Sprayer

We get it. You're a busy business owner and you don't have time or money, to waste. That's why we want to help you make informed decisions about disinfecting your business by giving you all the facts right away, without twists or turns. So, without further ado, these are the top reasons why you should invest in a fogger or sprayer for your business today. How Does a Disinfectant Fogger Work?

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Fogger or Sprayer

When it comes to disinfecting, nothing works better than foggers or sprayers. Both types of devices work by forcing liquid disinfectants to move through a nozzle, which forms a fine mist of tiny droplets that are small enough to coat any object and disinfect any space.  

These are the main reasons why we believe you should invest in a fogger or sprayer for your business:

1. Fogging or spraying saves you tons of time.

The use of sprayers and foggers saves you a lot of cleaning and disinfecting time, as these devices are able to disinfect a whole room in just minutes and with minimal effort since you can let surfaces air dry, as opposed to the time that would take you to wipe down all surfaces in a room by hand with a cleaning rag. Sprayers and foggers can also keep you from having to disinfect too often as these methods generate tiny droplets of disinfectant that reach every nook and cranny in the space, providing longer-lasting results. An example of this is the use of electrostatic sprayers, which charge the mist they produce with electricity, helping its particles cover surfaces more evenly by wrapping around objects and clinging to them for absolute disinfection.

2. Foggers and sprayers guarantee all surfaces and objects will get disinfected.

Apart from being proven and effective methods of disinfecting spaces in a short period of time, fogging and spraying can help guarantee that your entire business will receive the disinfection it needs for staff and customers to remain safe and healthy, even during flu season or another wave of COVID-19. The reason why is that dispensing and applying disinfectant solutions with foggers and sprayers is the most effective way to get to those hard-to-reach spaces where germs frequently accumulate and that no one is able to reach using the traditional spray-and-wipe technique.

3. You, stand a better chance against COVID-19 and other viruses.

Fogging and spraying are two great ways to remove pathogens from surfaces and from the air, especially in enclosed spaces where bacteria and viruses tend to thrive. Both methods are particularly effective against airborne pathogens that spread through respiratory droplets, such as COVID-19, so you'll have a better chance to protect your employees and clientele if you invest in one of these devices.

4. Foggers and sprayers are cost-effective.

Foggers and sprayers are highly cost-effective, which makes them a great investment. The reason behind this is how little product they use thanks to the microscopic size of the droplets they generate, which are able to cover more spaces with less liquid. Plus, with foggers and sprayers, you don't have to go over the same surfaces over and over again, and then dry them. You simply spray once and move on. Also, these devices also save storage space, since you only need to keep one product in stock that will last for a long time.

5. Foggers and sprayers help you maintain a healthier environment.

Your staff and customers deserve to be in a clean and safe space where their health is not compromised, and investing in a fogger or sprayer can help you with that. First, the use of these devices improves the presence of odours generated by bacteria and germ build-up. And second, using them frequently and consistently will reduce the odds that someone will develop a respiratory issue in your workplace, other than seasonal allergies. So, by disinfecting your business with a fogger or sprayer and one of our recommended disinfectant solutions, you will be protecting your staff from asthma attacks and other complications.

Nano Atomizer and Heavy Duty ULVFogger

Recommended Devices in Case You Decide to Invest in a Fogger or Sprayer

In case we haven't convinced you yet, let's talk a bit more about foggers and sprayers. You should know that these devices work wonderfully in enclosed spaces like elevators, vehicles, washrooms, kitchens, and any other space with high foot traffic and little ventilation (perfect scenario for contaminants to spread!) Also, keep in mind that the effectiveness of these machines depends on the disinfectant solution you choose, so ensure to go with a non-toxic and high-quality product, and follow the instructions on the label.

Now, let's get to the recommendations:

  1. Disinfecto Electrostatic Sprayer - This electrostatic fogger is lightweight and easy to use. It provides excellent coverage thanks to its adjustable atomization feature that allows you to switch from a 60-um to a 120-um droplet diameter. This, combined with its flow rate of 4.2 oz per minute, its 500ml solution tank, and its electrostatic generator for improved uniformity of droplets and surface coverage; offers a cost-effective disinfection performance.
  2. Nano Atomizer - This device works by producing a dry fog that disinfects on contact, making it perfect for businesses like stores, restaurants, hair salons, barbers, dental offices, medical clinics, and many more. This kind of thermal fogger is able to kill 99.99% of all viruses and disinfect all surfaces, including fabrics and electronics, especially when paired with a hospital-grade disinfectant solution. 
  3. Portable Fogger - This cordless electrostatic fogger comes with a rechargeable battery for convenient, on-the-go fogging. It works by charging liquids (i.e., cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants) as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. This electrostatic process uses an internal negative ion generator for capturing and killing germs, including viruses like COVID-19.
  4. Heavy Duty ULV Fogger - This device is ideal for large facilities where a reliable disinfecting device is needed. This model is an Ultra Light Volume (ULV) Cold Fogger, which is very effective for the application of disinfectants, pesticides, mould and mildew control. It works by providing a high volume of air added to microns of moisture content.

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