What is an Electrostatic Fogger, and How Does it Work?

Cleaning is the inevitable habit of people that have lived since ancient times. However, in this modern era, the need for cleaning and disinfection has increased due to the growing population and pollutants, and the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. So, the importance of disinfecting and sanitizing has now become more critical than in the past. Thanks to advanced technology, electrostatic foggers have become a successful alternative to conventional disinfection methods. But what is an electrostatic fogger, how does it work, and what are its uses? In this article, we're going to answer all your questions about it!

What is an Electrostatic Fogger, and How Does it Work?

Fogging is a new and advanced disinfection tool that is changing the cleaning industry. When people disinfect sensitive places, such as hospitals, some areas are very hard to reach, but using a sprayer or fogger, the disinfectant can reach those hidden areas. Its cleaning system is completely different from the traditional dry and wet dusting method. Experts believe dry dusting can easily tear the particles from the surface and redistribute them to the air, which can pose a very serious threat to human health today. Wet dusting uses detergents and chemicals that are toxic to health, and that can not be used to disinfect all surfaces. For this reason, the safest and most practical solution to sanitize all surfaces is a fogger, but how does a normal fogger differ from an electrostatic fogger?

The electrostatic fogger is electrically charged and sprays the antiseptic liquid from the spray nozzle. You can see a mist when spraying, but this fog is made up of electrically charged particles generated by the machine. This fogger machine can produce both negatively charged and positively charged particles. Since most surfaces are negatively charged, electrostatic devices are designed to produce only positively charged particles. So, what is the advantage of this process? Well, according to physical theories, positively charged droplets repel each other and can easily adhere to negatively charged surfaces. The electrostatic spray can cover both visible and invisible surfaces for complete disinfection. It has helped business owners and officials a lot to tackle COVID-19 by introducing and bringing this product to the market.

What Places Can We Disinfect With a Disinfectant Electrostatic Fogger?

If you want to disinfect surfaces in the home like this powerfully, we recommend using a portable fogger. An electrostatic fogger is ideal for disinfecting places and equipment that are very likely to be contaminated with pathogens. For example, hospitals' infectious wards, diagnostic clinics, R&D laboratories, schools, and doctor's offices are places where an electrostatic disinfecting fogger can effectively disinfect. Of course, we have to mention that its use in hospitals is very high because it is one of the safest and touch-free disinfectant ways to kill coronavirus.

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The Advantages of Using Electrostatic Fogger

This state-of-the-art disinfection method has considerable operational and financial advantages. Some advantages of using a disinfectant electrostatic fogger are:

  1. It's a time-saving approach because you can sanitize a large area or many tools in a short time.
  2. Chemicals used in electrostatic machines are effective in controlling viruses such as influenza, COVID-19, and HIV.
  3. Electrostatic fogger disinfects hard-to-reach places better than conventional spraying.
  4. They are reducing the expensive costs of treating infectious diseases.
  5. Electrostatic spraying is the perfect choice for floors and walls that need a uniform and complete coverage of disinfectant.
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Is Spraying Disinfectant Safe?

Disinfecting with foggers is becoming more mainstream in North America. As we work to battle through this pandemic, our 'new normal' is including new ways to disinfect properly, safely and effectively. This means the use of special disinfectants that are safe for animals, plants, humans, and the environment. Overall, the solutions recommended to use in these fogging devices are safer than conventional disinfectants and you can use it for eliminating pathogens in your environment and surrounding atmosphere which kills COVID-19 and keep safe your home and business safe.

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