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How Does a Disinfectant Fogger Work?

COVID-19 has opened a lot of people’s eyes to different types of disinfectants and all the technological advancements that have happened in the disinfectant field. Fogging has been around for a long time but it was used for a different purpose. The most popular was just a cosmetic fog machine used in concerts and movies, but recently, thanks to advancements in technology, we have new forms of fog machines known as disinfectant foggers.

Difference Between a Disinfectant Fogger and Other Types of Disinfectants

You might be wondering how a disinfectant fogger works and what is the difference between a disinfectant fogger and other types of disinfectants. A disinfectant fogger works similarly to an ordinary fogging machine but with some differences. Some fogging machines such as the Nano Atomizer are thermal foggers, meaning it heats up the sanitizing solution inside of the fogger and the fog that is released is a sort of “dry fog” that will not make any surfaces wet upon touching them. The other type of fogging machines such as the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is ultra-low volume cold foggers. This type of fogger provides a very high volume of air, making it great for larger spaces. The sanitizing solution that comes with our disinfectant foggers manages to kill 99.99% of all the germs in that area. Fogger are great for disinfecting both surfaces and the atmosphere in the surrounding area. The area will also be disinfected at a very fast rate since you are using a fogging machine with a no-wipe or rinse disinfectant solution. The recommended solution is environmentally friendly and Health Canada authorized.

Are Disinfectant Foggers Safe?

It is always important to know how safe any substance is that you use daily in your living or working environment. Disinfectant foggers are efficient and safe because they disinfect every surface and every object that the fog touches. Disinfectant foggers also eliminate odors at a molecular level, not by just masking the fragrance. But most importantly, they are safe and environmentally friendly. The sanitizing solution that is used in disinfectant foggers is non-toxic, kills 99% of viruses, and kills fungus, mold, and mildew at the source. The sanitizing solution also kills 99% of bacteria and inhibits the growth of bacteria on surfaces in contact with foods (such as tables and counters in restaurants) with no rinsing required afterward. Fogger machines are safe in all environments, including kitchens, washrooms, and all high-touch surfaces.

Fogger Disinfectant

What are Some of the Uses of Disinfectant Foggers?

There are many scenarios that disinfectant foggers come in handy. They are more effective and efficient than other methods of disinfecting. First of all, they are better at disinfecting things with electronics such as in vehicles. There is no fear of the disinfectant damaging the electronics in the vehicle because of the completely dry fog that is emitted by the thermal fogger. It will also get into every single crevice in a vehicle and you can be assured that the entire vehicle is germ-free.  Disinfectant foggers are also one of the only types of disinfectants that will rid the atmosphere of germs - reducing transmission of airborne pathogens. This means that you can use them in more open areas such as offices or even warehouses.

What are Some of the Different Types of Disinfectant Foggers?

There are various different types of fogger machines. Disinfectant foggers come in different sizes and each type is best in a certain environment. The Nano Atomizer for example is a handheld disinfectant that is better for smaller spaces such as an office cubicle. A bigger fogger disinfectant like the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is great for a big office space that has a lot more ground that needs to be covered. Lastly, the Industrial Fogger is great for warehouses and factories that usually have a very large surface area and the ceilings are typically a lot taller.

As you can see, disinfectant are an advanced form of disinfecting that is more efficient than traditional spray and wipe. This is because of the dry fog that is emitted, and also the many different sizes and strengths that disinfectant foggers come in, provides a solution for every environment. A disinfectant sprayer is a great tool for personal use, for small businesses, and even for large companies such as manufacturers. If you want to disinfect an area completely and efficiently, you should think about acquiring a disinfectant fogger.

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