Everything You Need to Know about Hydroxyls

Let's talk about hydroxyls.

Considered “nature’s detergent” since they are said to be responsible for keeping outdoor air clean and fresh; hydroxyl radicals are molecules formed by one oxygen and one hydrogen, and before we get too technical, let’s just say these particles are oxidants with significant disinfecting power that are known to eliminate odours and germs in any given space.

The reason why we’re introducing hydroxyls in this article is because these particles are essential for the HydroClear Technology present in some of our air filtration products. What our devices do is use photocatalytic oxidation (that happens when UV light, interacting with catalysts, humidity, and ambient oxygen, create charged particles that attack pathogens) to create hydroxyls in concentrations of 2 million parts/ cm³ without the use of ozone. This process results in an active hydroxyl gas that is able to sanitize the air, as well as hard and soft surfaces.

How Do Hydroxyls Work?

Hydroxyls sanitize air and surfaces by a natural process called lysing, where the hydroxyls react chemically with the lipids, protein carbohydrates and other organic chemicals in cell walls and membranes of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, disrupting their structure. As a result, the interior contents of the cells leak, and the organisms are destroyed. What’s interesting about this mechanism for killing microorganisms is that it is not biological, so bacteria or viruses cannot develop any form of immunity.

It should be noted that hydroxyls are generated spontaneously in nature at average concentrations of 2 million parts/ cm³ during every day, as long as there’s sunlight. Their existence makes outdoor air safe to breathe by decomposing natural and man-made pollutants and killing microorganisms.

In artificial settings, hydroxyls created at a rate of 2-3 million parts/cm3 are the most effective, as it has been demonstrated by several published studies and third-party research conducted in labs in Canada and the United States. This is the exact rate of hydroxyls generated by all devices designed around the HydroClear Technology.

Hydroxyls Against Coronavirus

According to the developers of the HydroClear Technology, hydroxyls released at the aforementioned concentrations of 2 million parts/ cm³ were also proven to inactive viruses in the air, in hard-to-reach places, on hard surfaces and on soft surfaces. These experiments consistently produced sufficient log reductions necessary to be approved by the FDA for reduction of surrogate viruses that could be applied to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The experiments consisted in multiple types of tests to demonstrate reductions of surface pathogens when exposed to hydroxyls. Results revealed that 80% of tested pathogens were reduced in 2 hours; 95% were reduced in 6 hours; and >99% were reduced over 24 hours. Similarly, various pathogens were tested on specified hard and soft surfaces for various lengths of time to achieve acceptable reduction concentrations.

How Can You Bring the Power of Hydroxyls into your Spaces?

The best way to bring the power of hydroxyls into your home or workplace is using an air filtration device that features the HydroClear Technology, which is effective in small and large spaces. The best part is that these systems can be safely used in occupied spaces 24/7/365 where pathogens are generated and circulated.

The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere is an automated and chemical-free system for sanitizing indoor spaces that creates hydroxyls through the HydroClear technology, a process that is 100% natural. As a result, the device kills up to 99.99% of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and airborne allergens, on the air and on hard and soft surfaces.

The Atmosphere features a powerful but quiet fan and is lightweight and portable enough so users can easily carry it from one space to another. It is an ideal air filtration device for disinfecting the air in places like medical exam rooms, offices, restaurants, restrooms, hallways, lobbies, entire homes, and more.

The Breeze

The Breeze is another air filtration device that stands out for the creation of hydroxyls through the HydroClear Technology. It is compact and modern, with powerful disinfection properties. It is considered by us as one of the best air purifiers in Canada and the USA for small spaces. This model is also environmentally sustainable, as it leaves no residue behind and requires no chemical refills.

The Breeze is completely automated, so operating it is as simple as turning it on and letting it work, thus eliminating human error, and decreasing labour costs. Plus, it's lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room, so it’s perfect to use in small and medium-sized spaces like elevators, dental offices, washrooms, spas, vehicles, and other commercial settings with high traffic.

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