Why you Should be Using Vital Oxide to Disinfect your Home

In theory, finding the right disinfectant solution for your home should be a simple task, but in reality, when you have kids, pets, plants, and maybe even a loved one with respiratory disease to think about; it is not a choice you can take lightly. This article is intended to help you with your quest. Here are the facts you need to know about one of the top three disinfectants for home use available in the market right now: Vital Oxide.

When choosing a disinfectant solution for your home you want to consider three main aspects, safety, efficiency, and convenience. Vital Oxide checks all three boxes. It is a solution that will not affect your health or damage your surfaces, as it is non-corrosive and does not generate dangerous fumes. It is efficient in disinfecting your environments quickly and thoroughly, especially when used with the right sprayers. And it is convenient because you can apply it without wearing any kind of personal protective equipment, and it does not need to be rinsed afterward, saving you additional time and effort.

What is a Vital Oxide Disinfectant made of?

Vital Oxide is one of the commercial names of chlorine dioxide, a chemical compound that has been used for decades to sanitize surfaces, remove mold, and even purify drinking water. According to Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, this neutral chlorine compound is quite different from elemental chlorine in its chemical structure and behavior, which is why it can also be safely used for food processing, dental applications, and wound cleansing.

Moreover, Vital Oxide does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and kills a wide range of viruses such as Coronavirus, Influenza, Norovirus, H1N1, and many more, as well as bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Plus, the American Department of Agriculture says it can even be used for fruits that usually develop mold and yeast, like berries, proving that it is a versatile solution.

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Vital Oxide vs Bleach

Contrary to bleach (which is made with regular chlorine), Vital Oxide is less caustic and gentler overall, making it an excellent option for home disinfection. It can be used to sanitize food-contact surfaces safely and efficiently because although it requires no-rinse, it does not alter the taste of the food prepared on them.

Vital Oxide is also known for eliminating fungus, mold, and mildew, inhibiting their growth. It also eliminates odours due to smoke, trash, septic systems, stale cooking, and more at a molecular level, and not by simply masking them with fragrance. It also neutralizes urine and fecal odours, which is something that families with pets will appreciate.

Additionally, Vital Oxide has proven to be a better alternative than hydrogen peroxide, another chemical compound often used as a bleaching agent and antiseptic.

What Makes Vital Oxide Safe?

Today it is common knowledge that there is a strong correlation between using harsh cleaning chemicals and the onset of asthma and other chronic respiratory symptoms. Considering this, one of the factors that make Vital Oxide safe is that it does not generate dangerous fumes. In fact, it can be safely sprayed indoors without the need for a face mask or any other type of personal protective equipment and, without having to hold one’s breath.

Furthermore, Vital Oxide solution is hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect to disinfect and sanitize musty basements, bathrooms where mildew has accumulated, and even dusty carpets. Plus, the product has residual effects on surfaces for up to seven months, protecting them from developing more mold or mildew spores. The fact that it is hypoallergenic also means that Vital Oxide does not cause skin irritation.

4 Gallons of Vital Oxide Disinfectant

If you are looking for a safe disinfectant solution to use around your children, employees, and clients, try Vital Oxide, an EPA and Health Canada registered disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and odour eliminator that requires no mixing; you just have to spray away.

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