How Often Should I Disinfect My Space?

At Disinfect & Fog, we receive numerous questions from customers and people in general about disinfection, sanitization, products and services. Recently, one of the most common questions has been "how often should I disinfect my space?" So, in this article, we will answer that question in detail. Keep reading to learn all about recommended disinfection frequency. Read More: How Often Should You Disinfect a Surface To Kill Covid-19?

How Often Should I Disinfect My Space?

Viruses, bacteria, and other germs are present everywhere. They circulate among us, land on surfaces, and multiply when they find the right conditions. When this happens freely, without any physical or chemical intervention to eliminate these contaminants, they tend to spread and their presence can lead to diseases, infections and allergies. This is the reason why we should disinfect our spaces as often as necessary, depending on the frequency of use, number of people in the space, and other factors like ventilation, activities conducted in the place, and more.

Let's think of some examples:

  • A public elevator in a mall used daily by hundreds of people should be disinfected multiple times a day, as it lacks ventilation and it is safe to say that some of its users could be sick and actively spreading germs just by breathing or speaking in there.
  • A taxi should ideally be ventilated after each passenger and disinfected at the end of each day to protect the health and safety of the driver and its customers.
  • A private office should be disinfected once a week to control the growth of bacteria and other germs, while a public office should be disinfected every day as clients come and go and can bring exterior contaminants with them.
  • A washroom in a gym used by a couple hundred people a day should be disinfected at least twice a day, considering that sweaty gym members use those facilities to clean up after their workouts and surfaces can get heavily soiled and contaminated as a result.
  • A house should be disinfected once a week (except for the kitchen and bathrooms which should be treated more often) as long as all family members are healthy.

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All of these examples intend to demonstrate that there isn't a one-fits-all answer to the "how often should I disinfect my space?" question, as it always depends on different factors. It is always recommended to use our better judgement to determine the perfect frequency that will keep the risk of spreading any infectious diseases and infections to a minimum. Types of Disinfectants and How to Make the Best Choice for Your Facility

Recommended Frequency for Fogging Treatments

If you have a large commercial, residential, or industrial space to disinfect and you can't decide how often you should disinfect for optimum results, you should know that our company is always available to help you create comprehensive disinfection and fogging treatment plans to suit your needs, using the latest technology in disinfection and the best products on the market. These are our recommendations:

For Businesses

Businesses are usually hotspots for contaminants, considering the high traffic of employees and customers they usually get. On top of that, businesses that depend completely on air conditioning and heat, and don't have good ventilation or an air filtration system installed, are also likely to develop mould, mildew, allergens, and even odours. So, based on our extensive experience, we usually recommend daily treatments in commercial settings, especially those that involve food preparation (restaurants, cafes and bars) and those that involve physical contact with clients, like spas, hair salons, and barber shops. Businesses with less traffic, like offices, can get away with weekly or biweekly treatments.

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For Homes

For homes, it really depends on the volume of people going into and out of your house every week and the presence of sick people. If your kid's friends are frequently over or you have your elderly parents visiting every weekend, we strongly recommend weekly treatments. If it's just you and your family, then focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, and plan general treatments once every two weeks. How to Make Sure you are Properly Disinfecting your Home and Workplace?

Now, if a sick person or someone who tested positive for COVID-19 has been in your home recently, then you should make sure to clean and disinfect all the spaces where they spent time as soon as they leave. If it's a family member, then ensure that person is isolated and the areas where they are spending their time are closed off and disinfected as frequently as possible.

Best Products to Disinfect Any Space

Last but not least, at Disinfect & Fog we carry many disinfecting products and devices that will make your disinfection routine, whatever that may be, a breeze. Whether you disinfect your spaces daily, weekly, biweekly or even monthly (although we do not recommend waiting that long) you can be sure to find the products you need for your particular situation in our online shop.

If you are not certain about what to look for, you can check our categories to see our individual selections for:

Foggers and sprayers - For businesses and homes

Disinfectants - All-natural, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Disinfecting bundles - Find our best-selling packages here

Personal sanitizing devices - For all your on-the-go needs

And you can also check what's on sale (there's always a great deal available!)

If you have any other questions related to how often you should disinfect your space, methods, best practices, products or services, don't hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment below.

Stay safe out there!

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