The Importance of Airborne Disinfection

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been mixed messages around COVID-19 and whether particles can stay on surfaces and in the air. Now we know for sure that pathogens can remain airborne, which is why the virus and its variants can spread so fast and easily. Even WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that airborne coronavirus transmission “cannot be ruled out”. This is the reason why masks became mandatory in all indoor places to help prevent the spread of the virus and why airborne disinfection is such an effective method to control it. 

Making sure that the air inside an enclosed area is always circulating is very important so that particles can’t just hang in one area, waiting for someone to walk through them. But, there are always going to be places and times where the air cannot properly circulate. This is why airborne disinfection is just as important as disinfecting surfaces. 

People get caught up in disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces, not wanting to touch someone else’s germs, when in fact, you could be breathing in their germs. 

Disinfectant wipes and other cleaning products have been flying off the shelves throughout the pandemic, but are those products really keeping you and others safe from airborne pathogens?

How Do You Disinfect the Air?

One of the most reliable solutions to achieve airborne disinfection, while also disinfecting the entire environment, is using a air filtration product. Foggers spray out disinfectant at high power, both causing the air to circulate while disinfecting it. Foggers work very effectively and efficiently in both disinfecting surfaces and particulate matter in the air at the same time, and it is much quicker than trying to spray everywhere and then wiping up after.

Disinfectant fogging doesn’t require any wiping or rinsing because the disinfectant is dispersed so evenly in tiny micron droplets that it will dry itself or you can use a dry fogger if you are worried about anything that is moisture sensitive. Most foggers have adjustable outputs, making them great for any environment and space for quick, efficient and effective disinfecting. 

Another effective alternative for airborne disinfection is the use of air filtration devices. These are automated and chemical-free machines that work as air purifiers, killing contaminants in the air with natural elements like UV light. Depending on the technology they use, they can be considered cost-effective and 100% natural, like the air filtration devices that work with ClearSience Technology or HydroClear Technology.

ClearScience Technology uses ozone as an active gas-based sanitizer. Its oxidizing agents fill every corner of a room, attaching onto unwanted molecules and destroying them, thus achieving airborne disinfection as well as hard and soft surface disinfection, even in hard-to-reach areas. This technology also uses UV light, which is a passive sanitizer that, like ozone, inactivates a range of viruses and bacteria. Plus, it has been proven to inactivate SARS-CoV-2.

Meanwhile, HydroClearTechnology uses UV light along with photocatalytic oxidation and electrostatic fields to generate particles known as hydroxyls, which have the power to inactivate pathogens continuously in occupied spaces. This is an air-based solution that not only offers airborne disinfection but also surface disinfection.

Disinfecting by Fogging

A study done by the American Society for Microbiology discovered that airborne disinfection by fogging actually effectively inactivates coronavirus bacteria. The article states that airborne disinfection is not only an important aspect of keeping safe, it actually can be used in laboratories, animal rooms, and anywhere infectious agents are encountered and handled. Along with that, it can also be used in public health emergencies such as the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Fogging solutions are found to be extremely efficient, fast, robust, environmentally friendly, and are an overall suitable disinfection method. In addition, depending on the disinfectant product you are using, it is extremely safe, meaning it provides the same level of disinfecting power as harmful disinfectants (ie. Bleach) without the harmful toxins and fumes. 

How Fogging Works?

Purchase a disinfectant solution of your choosing, this can be any disinfectant that is compatible with your environment. For example, purchasing a disinfectant that is not safe for animals when you have pets within the space you plan to disinfect, is not a good choice. With that being said, going for disinfectant solutions that are natural, safe for animals and humans, and perhaps environmentally friendly as well is going to be a great option. We have a great suggestion  Ultra-Lyte Disinfectant Solution.

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This disinfectant solution is loaded into a fogging device to produce and disperse an aerosol around large rooms or into small enclosures, to reduce the numbers of bacteria, germs, and viruses in the air, on top of surfaces and areas that are difficult to access. The equipment submerges onto the atmosphere with the disinfectant mist and is then given a set period of time to settle out of the air disinfecting the airborne spaces, and/ or onto the surfaces, and hard-to-reach areas. 

Airborne Disinfecting Devices and Solutions

These are the top three air filtering devices for achieving airborne disinfection:

The Atmosphere

Automated, and chemical-free system for sanitizing indoor spaces. Using HydroClear technology, the device kills up to 99.99% of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, as well as airborne allergens, providing exceptional air filtration. This model features a powerful but quiet fan with three power variations for its use in washrooms, medical examination rooms, restaurants, halls, lobbies, and other indoor spaces up to 1,500 sq. ft. It is also lightweight and portable enough so users can easily carry it from one space to another.

Air atmospher

The Breeze

Compact air filtration device that combines thoughtful design with powerful cleaning properties, killing everything from allergens to bacteria and viruses. It is lightweight and quiet, so it is easy to move and it will not disrupt people when in use. Additionally, it is environmentally sustainable leaving behind no residue and requiring no chemical refills. This device ‍is ideal for exam rooms, elevators, offices, restrooms, hallways, and more.

air disifecting

The AirBender

This airborne disinfection device for unoccupied spaces uses ClearScience patented technology, which is 100% natural, air-based, and environmentally sustainable. It is a long-term solution that has been proven to kill everything from allergens to bacteria, viruses, even the one that causes COVID-19. This model is ideal for empty spaces like hotel rooms, restaurants, offices, city busses, airplanes, recreational spaces, gyms, pools, and high foot traffic areas like waiting rooms.

Air Bender

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So now you know that airborne disinfection is a great way to protect everyone around you.

Next time you are deciding how to disinfect the air in your spaces, consider choosing foggers or air filtration devices to reduce time and increase effectiveness. For these reasons, disinfecting using fogging technologies is an ideal disinfection method for hospitals, ambulances, public spaces, indoor community areas, and smaller spaces such as your home and office.

With that being said, the study concludes that this method is an excellent choice for controlling the currently COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

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