The AirBender: An Intelligent Disinfecting System

Enclosed spaces can be tricky to disinfect but considering how easily viruses, like the one that causes COVID-19, can spread in these spaces, it is absolutely necessary to properly do so. We already covered the disinfection of small enclosed spaces in another article, so this time we want to discuss the disinfection of medium and larger enclosed spaces using our newest disinfection device, the AirBender.

The Airbender is an automated and chemical-free system that provides complete disinfection of hard and soft surfaces, as well as airborne disinfection, using a patented technology known as ClearScience. One of its main perks is that it doesn’t require an active operation because it works on its own, making it ideal for business owners who want to cut labour and personal protective equipment (PPE) costs.

The AirBender is particularly useful in enclosed spaces like hotel rooms, restaurants, offices, buses, airplanes, gyms, pools, waiting rooms, and similar places.

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How Does the AirBender Work?

The AirBender works by harnessing the natural powers of oxygen and light. The innovative device uses a combination of ozone, a gas formed from oxygen molecules with the ability to go wherever oxygen goes; and ultraviolet (UV) light.

On its first stage of operation, the system releases ozone and uses its powerful fan to quickly move it throughout the space, ensuring every corner has been covered. Once the ozone has reached disinfecting levels, the machine will then switch it off and turn on the UV light, which then breaks the ozone apart, providing another layer of disinfection in the process.

What sets ozone apart from other disinfectant elements is its effectiveness, being 3000X more powerful than chlorine. And since it is an active gas-based disinfectant, it can get into every corner and surface of an enclosed space, seeking out pathogens and unwanted air molecules to attach onto and kill.

Meanwhile, UV light, which is naturally generated by the sun, is a germicide, which means it can kill up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses. In fact, UV light, at the wavelength used by the ClearZone technology, has been proven to inactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, on hard surfaces in minutes.

Are Ozone and UV Light Safe Methods of Disinfection?

Ozone and UV light have been known as a safe combo for deactivating unwanted germs, viruses, and bacteria in enclosed spaces. Its effectiveness does require high concentrations of ozone ranging from 2PPM - 4.5PPM, for total inactivation of contaminants in a space. Having said this, it should be noted that ozone can be harmful with long exposure times, which is why nobody should be in the room when the machine is operating. 

UV light, on the other hand, can be harmful if it is directly looked into for extended periods of time, so, again, nobody should be in the room while the UV stage of the disinfecting process is taking place. Safety signs should be posted on the doors indicating that the room is being treated, just in case.

Once the cycle is completed, there can be a faint lingering smell left behind, but it is not an indicator of the presence of ozone, and simply opening the windows can help to decrease it. 

Why the AirBender Is Recommended for Disinfection of Enclosed Spaces

  1. Sustainable disinfectant that leaves behind no chemical residue requiring no chemical refills
  2. Automated air-based system that decreases labour costs
  3. Powerful, allowing business to quickly & safely get back to work
  4. Uses ozone and UV light, which have been proven to kill bacteria, viruses, odours & other unwanted germs
  5. Ozone is FDA approved for its use around food and food preparation surfaces
  6. Using it is as simple as turning the machine on and leaving the room, eliminating human error
  7. Both ozone and UV are proven to kill everything from allergens to bacteria, viruses, and even COVID-19
  8. A third-party lab, ICFAR Research Institute out of Western University, has verified that the system is successful at achieving results

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