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The AirBender - Automated, Chemical-Free Air & Surface Disinfectant

The one-of-a-kind, powerful, airborne disinfection ozone machine
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The AirBender is the easiest way to disinfect any room.  This automated machine requires no manual labour and no personal protective equipment (PPE) - saving you time and money. Using it is as simple as turning the machine on and leaving the room.

This airborne disinfection device uses ClearScience patented technology to emit ozone into the air, disinfecting unoccupied spaces. It then rapidly neutralizes the ozone, returning the room to normal.

The AirBender is a 100% natural, air-based technology that totally disinfects hard and soft surfaces. It is environmentally sustainable leaving behind no residue and requiring no chemical refills. It is a long-term solution that has been proven to kill everything from allergens to bacteria, viruses, even the one that causes COVID-19.

- 2400cfm fan
- 900 watts
- ~25lbsWheels and handle for easy transportation
- Uses patented ClearScience Technology
- Includes the ClearScience training program
- For use in unoccupied spaces
- FDA approved for use around food
- Can be purchased or leased for 12 or 6 months.

Ideal for:
- Hotel Rooms
- Restaurants
- Offices
- Travel Industry (city busses / airplanes)
- Recreational Spaces (gyms / pools)
- High Foot Traffic Areas (waiting rooms)
- & more!

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