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The Disinfectant Family Pack

Disinfecting has become a significant part of our daily activities. Now more than ever, ensuring that your space is properly disinfected to Health Canada standards has become the norm. While cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects helps prevent the spread of diseases such as Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to note that cleaning is no longer the minimum requirement to keeping your family and loved ones safe within your home. 

The bacteria that results in the spread of the COVID-19 virus can remain suspended in the air for a while, creating a widespread of airborne infections. Using foggers allows for the killing of airborne viruses, and bacteria. Disinfecting fogger devices offer the best solution for the least amount of effort and time, and fewer products than other methods as the disinfecting particles spread by foggers stay midair killing any airborne infections. Therefore, regular airborne disinfecting of high traffic areas within your home can decrease the chances of contracting and spreading the virus to your family members and others.  

At Disinfect & Fog, we understand that this COVID-19 pandemic has been a hard time for everyone. More specifically, many family members have not seen their parents and/or grandparents to ensure that they do not spread the virus to them. For that reason, ensuring the safety of your home and family members is a vital part of our business as we have spent the time and effort to curate the perfect Family Package. 

With COVID-19 cases on the rise once again, disinfecting your home is vital. That is why we created the Family Disinfecting Package to ensure that everyone within your home is doing their part to ensure their own and others’ safety. 

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The Family Disinfecting Package 

The Family Disinfecting Package was created to give everyone within your household peace of mind while at home or on the go. The package includes following tools: 

  • 1 Cordless ULV Atomizer OR Mini Thermal Fogger
  • 2 Mini Nano Sanitizer Sprayers
  • 5 SaniGO Sanitizer Wrist Bands
  • 8 Liters (or 2.1 Gallons) of Ultra-Lyte Disinfectant

How it Can Be Used

The disinfecting tools offered by Disinfect & Fog are versatile enough to be used anywhere. Whether you’re wanting to use them within your business, home, vehicle, or even on-the-go. However, there are definitely recommended ways to use each product.

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The products that come in the Family Disinfecting Package are used as follows: 

Cordless ULV Atomizer:

This is a great device for disinfecting the whole house without needing to find power outlets as it is completely portable. The Cordless ULV Atomizer can disinfect an average-sized room in less than 20-seconds. The user can quickly spray high-touch surfaces to protect yourself and your family members from harmful bacteria and viruses. This ULV technology is ideal for indoor disinfecting, controlling odors, and getting rid of molds and viruses indoor or outdoor. 

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Mini Thermal Fogger:

This device is a great disinfecting device that holds 200mL of disinfectant solution and emits a dry fog to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the toughest of areas. This is an excellent disinfecting tool to get your hands on to ensure your laptop/computer is disinfected as it's completely safe for electronic devices due to its dry fog disinfection method. The Mini Thermal Fogger's portability allow your to use it for your vehicle, household, small office, or even on-the-go like while on vacation. This device is not cordless, however, it comes with an 8-foot long cord and can cover 1-3 meters of space at a time, making it an ideal quick and effective solution in disinfecting an average size room.

Mini Nano Personal Sanitizer Sprayers:        

The Mini Nano Personal Sanitizer Sprayers are the perfect go-to, pocket-sized sanitizer sprayers for anywhere and everywhere you go. This device is a cordless, rechargeable item that is great for sanitizing door handles, elevator buttons, and any other small high-touch surfaces. This device can be used for 20 continuous minutes, and the fun part about is it comes in many different colours, such as white, blue, beige, pink, and black, making it customizable. 

SaniGO Sanitizer Wristbands:

This little gadget is perfect for that on-the-go person in your family. No more forgetting about your sanitizer bottle, this flexible, durable, and waterproof sanitizer band is super easy to use every day. The SaniGO Sanitizer Wristband fits just like a watch and holds 15mL of hand sanitizer solution. In the Family Disinfecting pack, you will get 5 of these SaniGO Bands, in white, black, red, purple, and blue!

Ultra-Lyte Disinfectant Solution: 

This disinfectant is nothing like what you know. The Ultra-Lyte disinfectant is a clinically proven all-natural solution. The electrolyzed liquid technology is much more effective than bleach yet without any toxins, 100% biodegradable, and non-irritating making it completely safe for humans, animals, and aquatic life. The great aspect of this disinfectant is that it does not require any mixing and is ready to use right out of the bottle. Lastly, the Ultra-Lyte is DIN and EPA certified and approved by Health Canada to kill COVID-19. 

Disinfect & Fog 

We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art disinfectant solutions and equipment that are safe, effective, and easy to use wherever or whenever you please. Our disinfect family package has been curated with the safety of your family members in mind, and to ensure that everyone, whether an infant or an elder feels safe when at home, or on the go. To learn more about our disinfecting devices and solutions, visit our site.

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