Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks Every Business Owner Should Know

Cleaning a business is not like cleaning a house. Some people might think otherwise, but you can trust us on this one. Commercial cleaning requires certain steps and techniques that go beyond the conventional cleaning of a house due to a number of factors such as size, foot traffic, higher volumes of waste, and others. So, to give you an idea of how to look after your business facilities, especially during this new wave of COVID-19, here are our best commercial cleaning tips and tricks that every business owner should know:

Best Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Leave it to the professionals

Commercial cleaning requires a better understanding of what products and devices need to be used on the surfaces and spaces in your building facilities. It is not as simple as spraying and wiping, as most people do at home. Therefore, professional cleaning and disinfecting companies are your best bet when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting commercial settings.

Choose the right products

Once you have the right team for the job, you need to make sure they are using the right products for your commercial facilities. For instance, if your business is a restaurant or a bar, you want your cleaners to use non-toxic, all-natural disinfectants that are effective on food-preparation surfaces and won't affect the health of your staff and customers. Check out our Disinfectants page to get an idea of what we're talking about.

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect

As you probably know by now, commercial cleaning is not just getting rid of visible dust and dirt from surfaces; it is a more thorough process that involves eliminating contaminants through proper disinfection of surfaces. Our recommendation is to have your designated team or company start by cleaning surfaces with soap or any other detergent agent, and then continue with the application of disinfectants (sprayed or fogged) for absolutely germ-free surfaces.

Clean all electronics

Screens, keyboards, kitchen appliances, office equipment and other electronics need to be properly cleaned, especially if your business operates from an office setting and you know some of your employees have lunch or snacks at their desks (which promotes the spread of contaminants.) For these moisture-sensitive surfaces, the best alternative is disinfecting them with dry foggers, as these devices create a disinfecting fog that coats objects and leaves them 99.99% germ-free, when paired with the right disinfectants, of course.

Don't forget to vacuum

If your business facilities are heavily carpeted, you need to instruct your janitor or cleaning team to vacuum regularly before disinfecting. Doing this will keep allergens at bay, make spaces more fresh and clean for your employees and customers to be comfortable in, and keep people from developing respiratory complications over time.

Take out the trash regularly

Nothing generates more contaminants than garbage. Taking the trash out regularly will decrease the possibility of bacteria and viruses spreading all around while controlling the presence of odours as well. Another tip is to keep trash bags in the bottom of bins so you're cleaning team has an easier time replacing them.

Take extra care to clean regularly touched objects

In addition to disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces like desks and bathroom countertops, make sure to those high-touch surfaces and objects your employees have contact with the most throughout the day, like doorknobs, light switches, refrigerator doors, microwave doors, phones, desks and chairs, etc.

Require staff to wash their hands thoroughly – and often

Hand washing is essential to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness and health in your commercial setting, especially when new variants of COVID-19 are identified and cases are on the rise like it is happening right now in Ontario and other parts of the country. Encourage your employees to contribute to your commercial cleaning efforts by washing their hands as often as possible, or at least sanitizing them before handling paperwork, servicing customers or returning to their desks after eating. You can also help them do it by installing a sanitization station in a strategic spot of your business facilities where most employees will see it.

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This vs That

To help you better understand the concept of commercial cleaning, let's compare answer these questions that compare it to other types of cleaning:

What is the difference between commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning?

While commercial cleaning refers to the deep cleaning of commercial settings like grocery stores, retailers, offices, banks, spas, hair salons, restaurants and bars, etc., industrial cleaning usually happens on a larger scale and requires more powerful equipment. This is because industrial settings like manufacturing plants, factories and warehouses, have larger surfaces to clean like high ceilings, massive windows, and heavy machinery that needs to be cleaned and disinfected often. Industrial cleaning is also a job better left to professionals, but if you want to get an idea of the type of devices needed to treat these spaces, Foggers and Sprayers page and scroll down until you see our "Industrial Devices" selection.

Difference between commercial and domestic cleaning

As previously stated, domestic cleaning refers to the cleaning process of residential environments, which is always simpler than commercial cleaning, which is done on commercial premises. This is because houses are often smaller than businesses and have much less foot traffic, which means fewer people spreading germs. Imagine the effort that it would take to clean and disinfect a three-bedroom home as opposed to an average-sized office, retail store or restaurant. Even if a house happens to be larger than a business (a mansion or even a residential building, for instance), commercial settings still have more contaminated surfaces to disinfect and more complex cleaning needs than a home. The Impact that a COVID-19 Outbreak Has on a Business

Difference between commercial cleaning and janitorial services

Oftentimes, people use “janitorial cleaning” and “commercial cleaning” interchangeably, as if they referred to the same concept. However, they do not. Janitorial services are usually those smaller cleaning jobs you need to be done around your business, but commercial cleaning involves deeper cleaning tasks intended to preserve the health and safety of commercial space, including disinfection and sanitization of surfaces and objects. Furthermore, it can be said that commercial cleaning contemplates janitorial services as part of it, but not the other way around if that makes sense.

Commercial Cleaning Benefits

Commercial cleaning comes with many benefits for businesses, such as fewer employees calling in sick, increased productivity, and better customer reviews regarding the state of your facilities. People will always feel better in a germ-free space, and that's a fact. These are some of the reasons why commercial cleaning is and always will be an investment, especially after the pandemic started, back in 2020, and had an undeniable effect on the way businesses operate.

Do you want to continue receiving the benefits that come with commercial cleaning after the pandemic is over? Our recommendation is to keep taking those extra precautions you adopted during the first months of the pandemic to make sure your staff and customers are safe and healthy. This will guarantee that, no matter what wave of COVID-19 is happening or what new variant is discovered, your business will remain open and germ-free, and your revenue won't be compromised as much.

The only consideration you need to make is to hire the right team for the type of facility you have. For instance, if your business is conducted in an office, then you need commercial office cleaning services, which means that whatever company you hire for the job needs to have experience in cleaning moisture-sensitive objects and surfaces, like copy machines, keyboards, files, documents, etc. They should also know that desks need to be cleaned with appropriate disinfectants to disinfect those surfaces, considering how employees usually cough, sneeze, eat, and touch their desks with soiled hands, effectively spreading germs and bacteria on these surfaces.

The same happens if your business is a clothing store. The company you hire needs to be aware of the fact that, besides washrooms, fitting rooms are the most contaminated spaces in your facilities since customers undress in there and often walk barefoot while trying on clothes, which inevitably spreads germs and contaminants on all surfaces of those enclosed spaces.

Commercial Cleaning Prices in Canada

Now, let's talk about pricing. Cleaning and disinfecting companies usually charge by the hour and take into consideration the space they are hired to work on. This means that house jobs are going to be more affordable than commercial jobs. Nevertheless, commercial cleaning is an investment and the money designated for it should be determined by your company's budget and needs.

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Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Ontario

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