How To Disinfect Medical Clinics & Equipment

These days, disinfecting medical clinics is vital, since all we hear is about coronavirus, hospitals, the number of people suffering from this virus, the number of people dying due to coronavirus, stress, and tensions. Such a lousy year for the entire world, but we can't do anything about it apart from staying home, disinfecting, and sanitizing everything. Right?

Medical clinics are to be disinfected and sanitized thoroughly, as many people visit doctors for many reasons and considering that pathogens are not visible at plain sight, until and unless tests are done. Syringes, cotton, and many such things are used in medical clinics and are the leading cause of diseases and illnesses if they are not dumped at the respective disposal and if the area is not kept clean.

It is mandatory for medical clinics to be disinfected, especially during these challenging times, it is more important than ever. Many patients go to the clinic, sit on chairs in the waiting room, touch the reception desk, and breathe the same air in the clinic. A lot of people sit in a close area together, and infections can spread quickly from one person to another, even when there isn't a global pandemic happening.

Is it reasonable to disinfect the public area while everyone is sitting in the waiting room? No! Because not all disinfectants are human friendly, yet these spaces need to be disinfected often

Is it feasible to disinfect the entire medical clinic using alcohol wipes and other expensive disinfectants? Again, no, unless you're prepared to spend all your profit on disinfecting.

How To Clean and Disinfect Medical Equipment

To prevent Covid-19 from spreading, all clinics must have a plan of attack. The germ warfare strategy of the clinics consists of a few processes done in this precise order:

  1. Cleaning: Cleaning must always come before high-level sterilization or disinfection.
  2. Disinfecting: This is the second step and can involve using liquid chemicals are used to kill non-spore-forming bacteria.
  3. Sterilizing: You can employ several methods of sterilization to kill disease-causing microorganisms and eradicate transmissible agents, like bacteria and spores.

The level of disinfection is dependent on how you intend to use the objects. Want to make it easier? A method that will benefit you and the people, both at once? Follow us till the end of this article to find out!

The Best Way to Disinfect Medical Clinics

Many medical clinics have kept hand sanitizer in front of their door, and many of them even have a place for visitors to stand and disinfect their shoes, as it is believed that microbes can be carried under shoes.

Do all disinfectants work? Do all the patients sanitize their hands and shoes? We believe not. How many alcohols and disinfectants do you buy in a week or month to disinfect your medical clinic? We have got the solution for you.

We are proud to introduce a disinfecting solution that is good for vast areas and disinfects perfectly. You can hold the disinfectant device in your hands and use it very easily. Yes! It is a wonderful device that emits fog and disinfects anything, and anywhere you want. Isn't it cool?

The name of this magical device is the Nano Atomizer, also known as nano spray gun. The applications of Nano Atomizer are more than a few and it makes the process of disinfecting even easier for users. You don't wipe the surface of the furniture, area, desk, etc. before and after using it. It is fog, and it dries on its own. 

As long as you use the Nano Atomizer with our recommended disinfectant solution, it will not harm the environment or human beings. It is entirely safe to use!

The Step by Step Guide to Disinfect Medical Clinics

  1. Turn on the Nano Atomizer.
  2. Spray the disinfectant on the areas and the things such as tables and chairs, cabinets and floor, anything that you want to disinfect.
  3. Don't wipe the places you just disinfected.  
  4. And you are done!

What type of facility are you cleaning? Keep these factors in mind for the following medical disinfection types:

  • Dentist Office
  • Medical Doctor
  • Oncologist
  • Pediatrician
  • Pet clinics

Medical clinics are highly infected because, in a day, many patients visit the doctors. Now to keep the medical clinic clean and disinfected, you can use the Nano Atomizer. It is best to disinfect when there are little to no people in the vicinity, but since the disinfectant is safe for humans, it can be used during work hours.

Get your Nano Atomizer from Disinfect & Fog today to disinfect your medical clinics and save other people from getting infections. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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