The Best Way To Disinfect Business Offices?

Updated May 20, 2021

With the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses and offices have been forced to implement remote work for the sake of their employees. However, due to the nature of some businesses, this is not always possible. So, what happens to those essential businesses that can’t operate without having their employees working from the office? How can they keep their staff safe? In this article, we offer the best recommendations to Disinfect Business Offices for a particular group of business owners and their disinfecting and sanitizing needs.

How to Disinfect Business Offices

Most business offices have many employees working in a space where social distancing isn't always possible because they constantly have to move around and communicate with each other. For obvious reasons, this is risky since there is no way to know who comes from where, who they've been in contact with, and if they're carrying a virus such as COVID-19 or any other.

The good news is that by following the recommendations published by Health Canada and the Center for Disease Control, like making sure every member of the staff wears some type of face covering and sanitizes their hands frequently, employers can prevent or slow the spread of COVID-19 within their workplace. They should also consider the level of disease transmission in their communities and revise their business response plans as needed.

In addition to these safety measures, the best way to make sure everybody stays safe in a workplace is by implementing a comprehensive disinfecting and sanitizing plan focused on high-touch surfaces, and high-traffic areas.

But how? What’s the best way to do this? Well, for starters, definitely not by hand. Disinfecting the entirety of office spaces by hand is a daunting task, as most office areas are very large, yet they need daily disinfecting and sanitizing. The solution to this problem is using the latest disinfecting devices available in the market, which are known for their outstanding results, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and technology.

The Best Way to Make Your Office Safer for Everyone During COVID-19

Many business offices simply purchase disinfectant wipes and other sanitizers for their employees to clean up after themselves in order to stay safe. This is not a reliable method, but it’s sometimes the only method employers can think of when they don’t have time to disinfect their entire facilities after closing time, and maybe don’t have the budget to keep a janitorial team on their payroll. As a result, many offices are not properly sanitized, which puts employees and their families at risk.

Our company cares for business owners and wants to make sure they have the tools they need to make their offices safer for everyone during this COVID-19 pandemic and in the future. This is why we offer several commercial foggers and sprayers, as well as disinfecting and sanitizing services, that simplify this task and turn these businesses into safe and healthy workplaces.

These commercial disinfecting devices are the Nano Atomizer, a thermal fogger that is ideal for disinfecting business offices because it can be used on electronic devices.  A nano spray gun is a thermal disinfecting device that can disinfect a large area in one go. It is very economical, environmentally friendly, and safe for humans, pets, and plants. You can safely disinfect surfaces, fabrics, electronics, and remove odors.

The Heavy Duty ULV Fogger, a high-power ULV fogger great for bigger office spaces. The Cordless Portable Fogger, a lightweight, cordless, and convenient electrostatic fogger. The Industrial Fogger, designed for large spaces with high ceilings, like warehouses and industries. And the newest addition to our portfolio, the Disinfecto, the most convenient and powerful cordless electrostatic sprayer you can find in the market. In addition to these devices, we offer the AirBender, an automated chemical-free air and surface disinfectant that uses the power of ozone and UV light to sanitize enclosed spaces like offices without windows.

How to Use a Fogger or Sprayer to Disinfect Business Offices

There is nothing complicated about using a fogger or sprayer to disinfect and sanitize a business office. These devices make it quick, easy, and effective.

  1. First and foremost, check if your device has enough disinfectant solution and if it doesn’t refill it.
  2. Then, plug in and turn on the device if it has a cord. If it doesn’t, make sure the battery is charged, turn it on and let it warm up (it only takes a minute or two).
  3. Decide where you want to disinfect first – which area, surfaces, etc.
  4. Spray your fogger of choice on the area and surfaces that you want to disinfect. Don’t forget to spray pointing up and to the center of the room to disinfect the air as well. After a few minutes, the area will be ready to use, but the specific dwell time will depend on the type of disinfectant solution used (check the label for more details).
  5. You’re done! Move to the next area and do it all over again.

Now your business offices can be disinfected and be safe for employers and employees. Using a disinfecting device like a Nano Atomizer is a great way to quickly disinfect the whole office at the end of each workday, and even meeting rooms after each meeting.

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‍Finally, stay safe, stay healthy, and above all, disinfect and sanitize often. Oh, and don't forget to contact us for more information!

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