Disinfecting Your Golf Club Facilities and Equipment During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Ensuring employee and client safety is among some of the most important aspects of any business today. Along with that, health and hygiene are taken heavily into consideration and thoroughly examined to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations. One of the places that continue to stay open regardless of lockdowns is golf courses; which means it is significant to ensure that your golf courses are well disinfected and taken care of properly to ensure client and employee safety is maintained up to health regulations. 

Golf courses include a large range of facilities combined under one; the clubhouse, the course, eateries such as restaurants, kitchens, office spaces and locker rooms. With that being said, in these different areas where a mix of employees and customers gather, it's vital to have a set plan for disinfecting each area properly, and maintaining a great level of hygiene; especially now given the spread of COVID-19.

We offer top-of-the-line disinfecting services and products, for your business, household, vehicle or even on-the-go needs. Allowing our communities to feel safe within their space is at the heart of what we do every day. With that being said, we have assembled this list of common best practices to disinfect golf clubs and keep golfers and employees safe and sound at golf course facilities that are permitted to continue operations.


How to Disinfect Golf Course Facilities

1. Place Best Practice Reminders Around the Course

As important it is as ensuring employee hygiene, it is also as important to remind your golfers of these items with proper and consistent communications. For example, displaying signs that demonstrate the proper hand-washing techniques in bathroom facilities is extremely important. Along with that, providing people within your golf facility to have access to hand sanitizer with a sign that showcases the benefits can encourage golfers and staff to use it more often. 

These constant reminders will create a ripple effect and eventually become a habit, and therefore creating a first-line defence mechanism in preventing the spread of illnesses, viruses, and diseases.

If the COVID-19 outbreak leaves us with a lesson, it should be that workplace disinfecting, including rented equipment and common areas, is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy work environment. And the lack of proper sanitization policies can have severe consequences on the overall well-being of the business, the staff, and clients. While the coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call, these policies and disinfection approaches should be left in place even following the end of this deadly virus. 

2. Regularly Disinfect Golf Equipment & High Traffic Surfaces 

Disinfecting is the single most important aspect of running a business during the age of COVID-19. Whether it is employing a professional disinfecting service to keep your staff and your facility up to Canada Health Standards or purchasing disinfectant solutions and disinfecting machines; it must be done, and done properly.  

COVID-19 viruses can live up to 72-hours on surfaces, therefore disinfecting your facility properly using an electrostatic sprayer, such as the Disinfecto,  paired with the Ultra-Lyte Disinfectant solution can make the disinfecting process 10 times quicker and much more effective. Remember to include your indoor spaces, as well as outdoors such as rented equipment (ex. Golf carts including the handles and steering wheel), pushcarts, locker handles, and any other high traffic areas such as washrooms. Keep in mind, it is safer to disinfect too many surfaces than not enough. 

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It’s vital to make it easy to make disinfecting products accessible to your employees and guests to protect themselves and others around them. As important as it is to encourage regular hand washing and disinfecting of areas, it’s also important to ensure that you have the tools necessary to make that possible. With that being said, stocking up on disinfecting products and machines and making them available at every corner of the course is a safe choice. 

Why it’s Important to Promote Disinfection and Hygiene Best Practices at Your Facility

1. Limits the Spread of Germs, Bacteria and Viruses

Similar to any other workplace operating during COVID-19, it is important that the businesses obey basic standards of hygiene at all times, and even more so now especially for golf courses. Practices such as regular disinfection of spaces in common areas can help diminish the spread of the virus amongst golfers, club visitors, and employees. 

However, even in our “normal” times, prioritizing the sanitation of spaces shared by hundreds of people throughout the week is extremely significant. Disinfect & Fog provides a variety of disinfecting tools and solutions that can be used in many settings – have a look at the disinfectants, and disinfecting machines we offer! 

Lastly, establishing rules to educating your staff is vital to help diminish the spread of disease, bacteria and viruses within your golf course. 

2. Promotes Employee Wellness

An important aspect to keep in mind when promoting proper hygiene best practices is that it also promotes employee wellness, which in fact, has a trickle-down effect. For example, an unsanitary workspace can lead to ill staff, which in turn means such days that cost the business monetary and physical damage. 

However, the issue with physical damage to the business is that it creates an inhospitable environment for the employees trying their best. With workers being sick, those covering hours are working longer hours, while being understaffed. This doesn’t just affect the staff’s health but also wellness. 

Wellness is a term that refers to the mental health of your employees, and an unsanitary space, especially during the age of COVID-19 can severely impact an employee’s wellness negatively. With that being said, we all know that happy staff creates a more productive workday, and taking care of your employees’ wellness through the promotion of hygiene best practices can go a long way to improving the quality of your productivity within your business. 


3. Maintain a Positive Golf Course Persona

Now more than ever, current and potential clients and customers look for disinfecting efforts, and the assurance that the business they are spending their hard-earned money at is following government regulation regarding the prevention of spreading of COVID-19 virus. 

With that in mind, your efforts to properly assuring a disinfected space beyond the scope of the staff are extremely important. This is especially true for golf courses as there are different people in and out of your facilities each day, from golfers, club members, customers, and suppliers, and the last thing any business wants is putting these people at risk.

Look out for your facilities’ well-being by ensuring that every person, whether a visitor, a customer or a supplier entering your business feels safe being there and show them that you’re committed to disinfecting your facilities and to the health of those around you.

Showcasing that you have taken the responsibility to maintain a sanitary work environment is a message that will go a long way in the long run. 

Another aspect that has been extremely effective in ensuring that facilities always have disinfecting products is subscribing to a Monthly Disinfectant Kit – we have a great suggestion here that is Canadian, cost-friendly, and guarantees your package every month!

Disinfect & Fog takes the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously and we want to be able to help in any way that we can, to assure that small, medium or large businesses stay afloat during these cautionary times. With that being said, don’t hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our professional sales advisors to learn more about our disinfecting services, products, and tools. 

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