Sanitizing Large Spaces With Great Results

Large spaces can be intimidating to clean and sanitize. We’re talking warehouses, department stores, sports facilities, and other places with bigger square footage and high ceilings. Keeping spaces like these clean germ-free is certainly a huge task, especially when they have numerous surfaces inside, such as shelves, tables, and chairs. The good news is that no matter the size of a space, there are very effective methods available in the market for sanitizing large spaces with great results, that also make this task easier and faster than people might think.

What Is Considered a Large Space?

Large spaces, which are usually dedicated to industrial or commercial operations, are buildings that extend beyond 2,500 square feet. Apart from the aforementioned warehouses, department stores, and sports facilities; good examples of large spaces are shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, multifamily housing buildings, parking lots, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

These types of spaces usually have good ventilation, whether it is natural, mechanical, or both. However, they still need to the thoroughly disinfected and sanitized because the bigger the place, the larger the number of people that can gather there at once, increasing the chances for bacteria and viruses, such as COVID-19, to spread.

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Best Methods for Sanitizing Large Spaces

Considering their square footage, sanitizing large spaces in the traditional way involves long hours, ample manpower, and disinfecting products in large quantities, not to mention the hard work of scrubbing and mopping every single surface. This method not only does not guarantee great results but is also highly cost-ineffective. Instead, people in charge of choosing a method for sanitizing large spaces should look at the most recent developments in disinfecting technology and consider purchasing a sprayer or fogger, devices that are proven to provide deep cleaning and sanitizing of spaces in less time, and with products and labour.

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Sprayers and foggers come in all sizes and shapes, but there are three aspects that should be considered when choosing one of these devices for sanitizing large spaces: tank capacity, pressure, and droplet size. Another important feature is mobility. Since industrial and commercial equipment needs to be bigger than residential equipment, it is important to look for those with wheels to be moved around a large space easily.

Regarding droplet size, the smaller the better. Devices that generate a mist or fog with droplets of 20 microns or less (a micron is a millionth of a meter or 0.00004 inches) offer better coverage and are much more efficient because their “dry” application means users don’t have to wipe or mop surfaces afterward and can use them in moisture sensitive spaces, like machinery or computer server rooms.

Considering all of the above, these are the best methods for sanitizing large spaces:

Using a Heavy Duty ULV Fogger. Our high-power disinfectant and Ultra Light Volume (ULV) cold fogger is great for sanitizing bigger spaces, including outdoor use. It works by providing high volume air added to microns of moisture content. Plus, it comes with an adjustable output for users to regulate how much solution is emitted. These features allow the device to evenly cover any disinfectant solution to a multitude of surfaces. The device is able to project liquid solutions up to 10 meters, making it an excellent choice for spaces that exceed 2,500 square feet.

Using an Industrial Fogger. Our Industrial Fogger is a disinfecting device designed to eliminate contaminants, like common viruses and bacteria, from large and inaccessible spaces, as well as to disinfect the air, eliminating airborne pathogens. This ‍device is perfect for large spaces and high ceilings such as manufacturing facilities, factories, large offices, and warehouses, where ceilings are higher than 25 feet and where handheld fogging equipment cannot be truly effective. It is capable of emitting disinfectant at a rate of 1,000 cubic feet per minute, propelling it high into the upper levels of a building.

A third option, for large spaces with multiple smaller spaces inside, like hotels, is using an ozone machine like the AirBender, which is an automated, chemical-free air and surface disinfectant. It is perfect for places where cleaning and disinfecting can be extremely time-consuming and labour demanding because of the number of divisions and subdivisions they have.

The AirBender requires no manual labour and no personal protective equipment (PPE), saving time and money. The device uses ClearScience patented technology to emit ozone into the air, disinfecting unoccupied spaces. It then rapidly neutralizes the ozone, returning the room to normal. Thanks to this technology, using it is as simple as turning the machine on and leaving the room.

The AirBender is a 100% natural, air-based technology that totally disinfects hard and soft surfaces. It is environmentally sustainable leaving behind no residue and requiring no chemical refills. It is a long-term solution that has been proven to kill everything from allergens to bacteria, viruses, even the one that causes COVID-19.

The AirBender

In closing, the pandemic has hit businesses hard, both big and small, and to get to the point where industries can reopen their doors for good, disinfection protocols must be implemented and perfected. The methods featured in this article are great alternatives because they have proven to be effective for those buildings and facilities that need more power and coverage than the rest, guaranteeing that employees and customers can come together again and gather in safe and healthy spaces.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our company is here to help businesses of any size meet their sanitizing goals. Not only we have devices like the ones we just recommended, but we also have a team of experts that can help companies design a sustainable disinfection program for now and for the post-Covid world.

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