Everything You Should Know Before Buying an Electrostatic Disinfection Device

Maybe it was a tv commercial, maybe it was word of mouth (your neighbor cannot say enough good things about his new disinfecting sprayer) …or maybe you did your research and came to the decision on your own. Whatever the case, you are in the market for an electrostatic disinfection device and we are here to provide you with all the information you need to make the best possible purchase.

First, let us define what an electrostatic disinfectant device is, just in case you based your decision just on its fancy and techy name, but are not really sure what it means.

What is an Electrostatic Disinfection Device?

An electrostatic disinfection device is an innovative type of sprayer that turns disinfecting fluids into a mist full of electrically charged droplets that can adhere to surfaces, providing deep and long-lasting disinfection. Furthermore, these droplets are able to bond to airborne particles, neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and odors floating in the air.

Electrostatic sprayers are among the most advanced tools in the market that are revolutionizing the residential and commercial cleaning industry.

electrostatic disinfectant sprayer
Disinfecting an office with an electrostatic sprayer

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

Electrostatic disinfectant devices use batteries or can be plugged into an outlet. They work just like any other fogger or sprayer, but when the disinfectant solution reaches the nozzle, the device generates an electric current that charges each liquid particle as it passes through.

Most fogger machines can generate both negatively charged and positively charged particles. However, the best ones are designed to only generate positively charged particles, because most surfaces are negatively charged and, as we all know, opposites attract. The result is full and reliable disinfection against even the toughest of contaminants because these disinfecting particles not only stick to surfaces, they wrap around them to cover them completely, providing a uniform coat of disinfectant that is hard to beat.

Pros and Cons of Electrostatic Disinfection Device

Like every device you will ever buy, electrostatic disinfecting foggers have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. Nonetheless, if we consider how hard and tiring cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach areas, it is safe to say the pros outweigh the cons.

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  • Electrostatic sprayers help you achieve complete disinfection in less time than other methods because their technology avoids the formation of liquid “pools”, so there is no need to wipe down surfaces afterward.
  • Depending on size, most devices can be sprayed up to 3 meters, which allows the user to cover a wider surface without having to physically move all the time.
  • When paired with a recommended disinfecting solution, electrostatic foggers are 99.99% effective in killing germs, bacteria, and viruses.


  • Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers can provide inconsistent results, depending on the surface. This is because some materials have good electrical conductivity, like metal. Others, like wood, do not, which means that disinfectant droplets will not find much electric charge on those surfaces to hold on to, and the disinfection may not last as long.

What Surfaces Should I Disinfect with an Electrostatic Device?

Electrostatic devices are ideal for all sensitive spaces, public or private, where there is significant traffic of people and full disinfection is needed, like homes, vehicles, offices, classrooms, gyms, etc. However, since they work better on metal and other electricity conducting materials, they are especially handy at disinfecting doorknobs, faucets, handles, and many other high-touch metal or iron objects. Also, they are very good at disinfecting floors and walls.

Nevertheless, the electrostatic capacity of these sprayers should not discourage anyone from using them on other types of surfaces, such as wood or plastic, because the fog that these devices produce is able to penetrate the hardest to reach areas that regular cleaning tools will never be able to reach, plus its electrically charged particles linger in the air, killing airborne contaminants for a good while after the room has been sprayed. These devices offer a world of difference in results when compared to traditional dusting or wiping.

electrostatic fogger
Electrostatic sprayer disinfecting a bus

What Type of Electrostatic Disinfection Device Should I Get for My Home?

Electrostatic disinfection devices come in many formats, like backpack sprayers, rolling carts, and more. All of them are great, but cordless and handheld formats are by far the most popular for home use, because of their portability and convenience.

Cordless electrostatic use rechargeable batteries and are somewhat lightweight, meaning that they can be taken to any room in your house for quick disinfection of those high-touch surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom anytime during the day.

Whichever format you chose; the important thing is that you made the decision to purchase a device that will positively impact the wellbeing of your family and help to prevent the spread of diseases caused by viruses or bacteria in your community.

We hope to have helped you make an informed decision. If you have any other questions about how we may be able to help you, feel free to call us at 1-855-561-4512. We want to help you keep your spaces disinfected and safe for everyone, so get a free quote today.

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