Thermal Fogger, Everything You Need to Know About It

The thermal fogger is a wonderful technology that has been used for a long time. Now it is helping during this pandemic by protecting us by using heat to vaporize disinfectant, producing a dry fog to kill viruses.

Historically, the thermal fogger had been used by farmers and households for the process and purpose of killing insects, but now the same technology is being used to fight and kill viruses and germs.

It should be noted that this fogger machine can create a tremendous amount of fog depending on the type and size of the fogger. It can be used in different locations and scenarios and even for mosquito control.

The Thermal Fogger: Then & Now

As mentioned above, thermal foggers were often used for controlling the mosquitoes, but with the Coronavirus outbreak, the same fogger machines are used to disinfect and clean surfaces and areas from viruses and germs.

There are three types of these kinds of thermal foggers available in the market: propane, fuel, and electric foggers. All of these use heat to vaporize the fogging solution that it contains. It can create a dense cloud of fog that can penetrate hard-to-reach areas such as the grass, treetops, and even the shrubberies.

A thermal fogger contains a pump that is used to send the solution from the container via heat assembly. The person who is operating it initiates the pump by pressing the trigger.

Propane foggers are known to have a socket for the gas cylinder of propane right on the back of the fogger machine. Fuel foggers have a large tank on the side of the machine. Finally, electric foggers have a power cord, which requires to be plugged into the socket for the fogger to work. This type of thermal fogger is not cordless like the rest, unfortunately, but are ideal for disinfecting purposes.

Particle Size

Thermal foggers, such as the Nano Atomizer, produce tiny particles that can range from 0.5 to 50 microns, and the majority are less than 20 microns. Particles as small as these can stay in the air for a more extended period before they fall on the ground.

The tiny particles are also capable of reaching and penetrating the hard to reach areas, both indoor and outdoor.

mini thermal fogger for covid19

The Uses of the Thermal Fogger

Outdoor Fogging

This unique machine is preferred by a lot for outdoor fogging because it is capable of producing a gray or white thick fog that is easily visible, giving users better control over the areas that they are fogging.

In the case of cold foggers, it is a bit different as it produces a colorless fog that cannot be seen easily.

Thermal Fogger as a Disinfectant

The fogger has been used as an excellent disinfectant machine that has the ability to cover a vast area and disinfect effectively. The great advantage that the foggers generally have is that they are environment friendly and cause no danger to human beings if the right disinfectant is used.

Thermal foggers can make it easier for you to cover larger areas in a short time.

It should be added that as a user, you do not need to wipe the surfaces after using this kind of fogger. The heat creates a dry fog, making it safe to use on most fabrics and electronics as well as hard surfaces. So apply the disinfectant and sit back and relax while it does the magic for you!

Services Provided by The Thermal Fogger

Apart from disinfecting and killing the pests, the thermal foggers can be used in the following places and purposes:

  • Hazard cleaning
  • Stone tile and the grout cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Fire, smoke, and soot restoration for damages
  • Removal of the foul odor
  • Protection of carpet
  • Removal of the mold and the remediation
  • Removal of the pet urine
  • Mitigation of water damage
  • Upholstery cleaning

How to Use a Thermal Fogger?

Using a thermal fogger is very simple. Most are handheld and not very heavy, despite being very powerful. Just hold the thermal fogger machine in your hand and turn the button on. Make sure you cover all corners and surfaces that you see.

Before the pandemic, we just knew that thermal foggers were great for farming and pest removal, little did we know that it would have such a great impact on the world of disinfecting.  

What more do you need? A machine that can disinfect your surroundings and is very powerful. It is cost-friendly, reduces time and effort, and ideal for every household. Disinfect & Fog offers the Nano Atomizer on their official site, get yours today!

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