Applications of the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger

What is Heavy Duty ULV Fogger?

It is important for people and businesses to keep their place of work/living clean and germ-free using a product such as a ULV Fogger. It is usually not easy to disinfect an area, and most of the time it is very tedious and time-consuming. Unfortunately, it is a requirement to keep everything sanitized, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A product like the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger will make that whole process easier and a lot less time-consuming.

 The Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is a high-power disinfectant fogger, which is great for sanitizing bigger spaces.  This model is Ultra Light Volume (ULV) cold fogger. This fogger will disinfect all surfaces and make the surfaces sanitized. The fog that is emitted by the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger has a 99% disinfection rate, it is non-allergic, and safe to use around children, pets, and plants. The Heavy Duty ULV Fogger provides a high volume of air, however producing adjustable aerosol microns of moisture content.

Why choose ULV Fogger?

There are a few reasons why you might want to choose this product over the other products that we offer. One of the application of Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is for larger spaces. The strength with which the solution is sprayed out of the ULV Fogger is adjustable. You can spray a range of 5 to 10 meters with it, depending on how you adjust the settings. This fogger can also act as a drying agent if you adjust the disinfectant output to zero, so you can use the machine to sanitize surfaces and dry them as well.

Applications of the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger

To give you a better understanding of what the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger can do, let us look at some different applications that this product has in different scenarios.


First off, the ULV cold fogger is a great addition to any medium to large-sized office. Offices are always closed areas and you need the atmosphere in the office to be disinfected of germs since that is the air that everyone working there breathes in. Since the ULV Fogger emits a fog, the fog will also purify the surrounding air of the place that you spray. You also do not need to worry about any food surfaces in the office because the sanitizing solution is non-toxic, food-grade, and safe.

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers such as gyms, billiard clubs, and bowling alleys are another place that will make great use of the ULV cold fogger. Billiard clubs and bowling alleys usually have taller ceilings than the average building space. This is no problem for the ULV fogger as it can spray up to 10 meters. You can be rest assured that even the ceiling will be sanitized. Although entertainment centers are large, they are usually very crowded with different objects and equipment. The ULV fogger is perfect for this because of the carrying handle, making it easy to carry around the room to disinfect everything and simple to use.

Retail stores  

Retail stores are very high-risk places since there are new people constantly entering, exiting, and touching a lot of different things inside the store.  That is why a product like the ULV Fogger is a requirement to have in retail stores. Retail stores can vary in shape and sizes, but none are a problem for a heavy-duty fogger. You can go from aisle to aisle, disinfecting all the products, handles, floor tiles, and the entire air in the retail store. You can also use the ULV Fogger on the cash register, which is arguably one of the most contaminated areas in a retail store.


Lastly, restaurants are also a place that can benefit from ULV Foggers. One of the applications of ULV foggers is in the restaurants bars. The sanitizing solution that is emitted by this fogger is completely safe, great for all food preparation surfaces and no-wiping required. Restaurants usually have many different chairs and tables for customers but sanitizing all of them will be a breeze using this fogger. The ULV fogger sprays out the fog at a rate of 100 square feet a minute, making it very efficient. Like retail stores, restaurants also use cash registers that need disinfecting with the help of the ULV Fogger. The drying feature of the ULV Fogger can also be utilized here to dry up any wet surfaces in the kitchen, or on the tables of the restaurant.

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