Applications of the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger

Updated July 30, 2021

Keeping large commercial spaces clean and disinfected usually requires the work of a team of experts in the subject such as janitors, who have perfected their techniques over the years. Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed the way companies around the world clean their facilities, and these techniques are no longer convenient. At this moment in time, large commercial spaces need disinfecting machinery that can keep up with higher demands, which is why we should talk about the applications of the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger, a device that has been designed specifically for large spaces.

What is the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger?

The Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is an ultra-low volume fogging device that is able to disperse liquid products over large surface areas in a short amount of time. To accomplish this, the device uses large volumes of air at very low pressure, managing to turn liquids into a fine mist or aerosol made of microscopic droplets that range from 10 - 150  microns in size.

These highly efficient foggers were named ULV like this because of the ultra-low volume of liquid they require to operate due to the air involved in the process and the size of the droplets they generate. This feature is especially useful when it comes to large spaces where regular foggers would not be up to the task, and only a heavy-duty device could do a cost-effective and timely job.

The Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is recommended for people and businesses that need to keep their spaces clean and germ-free, and want to make that whole process easier and a lot less time-consuming.

It should be noted that, when used with our recommended disinfectants, the fog emitted by the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger has a 99% disinfection rate. Plus, it is non-allergenic, and safe to use around children, pets, and plants.

Why Choose ULV Fogger?

There are a few reasons why you might want to choose this product over any other of the products we offer. One of them is that the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is perfect for larger spaces thanks to its power and the strength in which solution is sprayed, something you can adjust to choose from 5 to 10 meters. Another reason is versatility, as this fogger can also act as a drying agent if you adjust the disinfectant output to zero. That way you can use the machine to sanitize surfaces and dry them as well.

Additionally, the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger is a great choice because it generates droplets of disinfectant so tiny that they penetrate all of the hard-to-reach areas in any space, even if it is a large industrial facility with numerous machines, cables, pipes, and more. The device is able to turn regular droplets into little droplets of half the size or even 1/10 of the size, incrementing the number of droplets it can spray per second, with allows it to offer great coverage.

Applications of the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger

To give you a better understanding of what the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger can do, let us look at some different applications that this product has in different scenarios.


First off, the ULV cold fogger is a great addition to any medium to large-sized office. Offices are always closed areas and you need the atmosphere in the office to be disinfected of germs since that is the air that everyone working there breathes in. Since the ULV Fogger emits a fog, it can also purify the surrounding air of the place that you spray. You also don’t need to worry about food surfaces in the office if the device is paired with one of our non-toxic, food-grade, and overall safe disinfectants.

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers such as bowling alleys, movie theaters, and game rooms are some of the places that will make great use of the ULV cold fogger. These spaces usually have taller ceilings than the average building space, but that is not a problem for the ULV fogger, as it can spray up to 10 meters, so even the ceiling will be sanitized.

ULV fogger

Retail stores  

Retail stores are very high-risk places since people are constantly entering, exiting, and touching a lot of different things inside them.  That is why a product like the ULV Fogger could be a great tool for these establishments. Retail stores can also vary in shape and sizes, but none are a problem for a heavy-duty fogger since it can be used continuously from aisle to aisle, disinfecting all products, handles, floor tiles, and the air inside the store. Business owners can also use this ULV Fogger to disinfect the cash register, which is arguably one of the most contaminated areas in a retail store.


Lastly, restaurants and bars are places that can also benefit from ULV Foggers. These establishments usually have many different chairs and tables for customers, but sanitizing all of them will be a breeze using this fogger. The ULV fogger sprays out the fog at a rate of 100 square feet a minute, making it very efficient. Like retail stores, restaurants also use cash registers that need disinfecting with the help of the ULV Fogger. The drying feature of the ULV Fogger can also be utilized here to dry up any wet surfaces in the kitchen, or on the tables of the restaurant.

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