The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Sprayers & Foggers

Disinfect & Fog carries a diversified array of foggers and sprayers. The simple reason for this is that everyone’s needs can vary, dependent on size, type of surfaces, frequency and speed of use. This article is designed to help you understand the types of foggers and sprayers, the technology involved, and what application they are best suited for.

With the length of time the COVID-19 pandemic has been around, more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using foggers or sprayers when disinfecting and sanitizing their environments, whether commercial, residential, or vehicles.

The proliferation of products on the internet has also lead to much confusion as to which type of disinfectant fogger or sprayer is best suited for your needs. Many companies have been positioning their respective products as the panacea, or are deceptive in how they are represented. Notwithstanding this, there has been many challenges with little to no consultation and/or support during or after the sale.

Our goal  is to help our customers with the best possible solution to comprehensively disinfect, sanitize, and ensure their space is safe for their staff, clients, family, and other visitors. We care first and foremost about our clients’ well being, after all a worldwide virus (whether COVID-19, Influenza, MARS/SARS, etc.) should be taken seriously.

Handheld Disinfectant Sprayer

Handheld disinfectant sprayers are usually cordless, battery-powered products that spray a fluid of choice (usually disinfectant or sanitizer), and resemble a water pistol. Sprayers of this type do not heat the solution, they merely automate the process of spraying, rather than having to manually pump a spray bottle as an example.

Best suited application: Outdoor furniture, washrooms, hallways, cafeteria, gyms.


Usually cheaper in cost, smaller form factor, great for non-porous surfaces, outdoor use. Will allow use of alcohol based fluids such as sanitizer.


Wets surfaces (requiring wiping), not recommended for sensitive surfaces or exposure to electronics. Coverage is fair to medium, usually small canister requiring regular refilling. Some of these will feature statements such “UV lighting” which is suspect, and often proven to be the wrong UV light spectrum, therefore ineffective as a source of Ultraviolet lighting.

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Thermal Fogger

There are generally 2 types of thermal foggers: electric and fuel powered (propane, gas, etc.). All thermal foggers, like the Nano Atomizer, and mini thermal fogger use heat to vaporize the disinfectant. The result is much more consistent with the term fog, as it is usually quite dense. The disinfectant is atomized to lower micron levels, therefore effective in areas where creating an atmosphere is beneficial and for sensitive surfaces, such as fabrics and electronics. Many of these are often quieter than other types of technologies. This has been very popular for home use as well.

Best suited application: Computers, touchscreens, phones (desk, mobile), game consoles, remote controls, fabrics (drapes, sofas, bedding), vehicle interiors. Perfect in environments where noise is an issue.


Great for building an atmosphere, and for sensitive surfaces. One of the best solutions for a wipe-free application.


Caution used in selection of fluid, fluids with flammable ingredients (i.e. alcohol-based solutions) are NOT recommended. Coverage is not as widespread, can take longer to apply due to length of time for the fog to propagate.

Disinfect & Fog Nano Atomizer

Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Fogger/Sprayer

One of the most accessible products, the Ultra Low Volume cold (no heat) Sprayer, is very effective for large spaces including height in the area of 10 - 25 feet. These machines use powerful blowers (electric) to move large volumes of air, spraying solution (disinfectant) at lower micron levels for larger distances. ULV sprayers, like the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger, will disperse the solution into tiny droplets, usually manifested in the 10 – 150micron level (size). Medium to large spaces are disinfected quite quickly using these types of sprayers, with very low volume application of fluid (disinfectant), therefore requiring less disinfectant.

Best suited application: Arenas, gyms, hallways, foyers, event centers, entertainment facilities, large expansive areas with little to no porous surfaces.


Easy-to-use, one of the quickest ways to disinfect. Many models have good fluid capacity.


Some maintenance, can wet surfaces, not recommended around electronics or tight locations where the blower motor can send items flying (papers, lighter items).

ulv fogger - disinfect ad fog
Disinfect & Fog Heavy Duty ULV Fogger

Electrostatic Sprayer

One of the most promoted technologies, electrostatic sprayers are similar to ULV, except the fluid is charged electrically (hence the name) usually at the output, in order for the fluid to adhere better to surfaces, and to bond around airborne contaminants such as viruses. The electrostatic sprayer process can be inconsistent dependent on the natural conductivity of a given surface, metal is a much better conductor of electricity than is a wood surface for example. These products come in many forms, cordless handheld units have been the most popular, like the Portable Fogger.

Best suited application: Fleet vehicles, gyms, washrooms, classrooms


Easy-to-use, often portable and versatile.


Battery life (depends on model), inconsistent coverage versus promises from some manufacturers.

Electrostatic fogger disinfectant
Disinfect & Fog Portable Fogger

In conclusion, with the number and variety of surfaces and spaces to be disinfected, it’s important to understand what is different types of sprayers and foggers, how does a disinfectant fogger work and what is available to thoroughly, and comprehensively ensure your environment is safer, and as quick as possible.

We encourage you to reach out and ask questions, based on your needs. We are happy to consult and do the needs analysis to understand your challenges.

Disinfect & Fog has built our reputation on integrity, professionalism, and a keen desire to help our customers.

If you have more information about types of sprayers, please share with us. If you have any other questions about how we may be able to help you, feel free to call us at 1-855-561-4512.

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