Why Office Disinfection Saves Companies Thousands of Dollars

There are many ways a business can reduce costs, but no one really considers disinfection as one of them. However, as employees are increasingly going back to the office these days, it is worth analyzing why and how office disinfection saves companies thousands of dollars per year.

This article explains the importance of office disinfection and how it has a direct relation to the ability of a business to reduce their HR costs by keeping their staff safe and healthy from germs and other contaminants. Keep reading to find out.

Office Disinfection = Reduced Costs

Office disinfection, combined with frequent hand washing, is the best way to make sure all surfaces and spaces in offices are safe for all, especially during flu season and throughout the pandemic when highly contagious viruses are circulating everywhere.

Moreover, office disinfection is essential for businesses because it only takes a single sick employee in an enclosed space to put the whole staff at risk, which then costs businesses money and other resources. In fact, a sick employee doesn't even have to be present in the office for a whole day to complicate things, since researchers have demonstrated that just two to four hours in the workplace is enough time for a sick person to spread germs on more than 50% of surfaces (desks, copy machines, telephones, common kitchen, restroom, etc.)

Now, how does office cleaning relate to saving money? Simple: disinfection keeps offices germ-free, which ensures employees remain healthy from viral infections and diseases, reducing the likelihood of them calling in sick or worst, coming to work sick and infecting others. This then saves companies lots of money since they don’ have to find replacement workers for sick employees or deal with missed deadlines and lower productivity.

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How Much Does a Sick Employee Cost?

The cost of employee sickness is a very real issue that affects employers across the country. The last numbers that were published about it revealed worker absenteeism costs the Canadian economy more than $16 billion a year due to elevated production costs and lower profit margins.

There is a simple formula that can help you determine how much employee sickness and absenteeism cost your own company. First, calculate the average daily salary of your employees and then multiply it by the total number of sick days taken by them in a year, month or even week, if you want. The result will be the total cost your company incurred as a result of employees calling in sick in a determined period of time.

Tips for Better Office Disinfection

To ensure your staff doesn't get sick and your company has a chance at saving money in this regard, there are several considerations you need to take:

1. Disinfect all high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas of your office constantly and consistently

Surfaces include desks, keyboards, telephones, printers, coffee pots, door handles, and light switches; and areas include entryways, washrooms, kitchens, shared spaces and more. Also, keep in mind that surfaces and areas should be disinfected daily to control the spread of pathogens that could make people sick.

2. Choose well-known and approved products

Don't waste your company's money on random disinfectants that won't give you the results you need to protect your staff from infections and diseases. Choose well-known products that have been approved by health authorities to be effective against most types of viruses, bacteria and allergens.

3. Upgrade your disinfection techniques

No, manual spraying and wiping is no longer acceptable. These days there are dozens of disinfection devices available on the market to turn your office disinfection into a quick, easy, and simple activity.

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4. Involve your staff

Tour staff should know their employer is doing everything in its power to guarantee that their workplace is germ-free, safe and clean at all times in hopes of reducing the presence of contaminants that could make them sick. At the same time, they should get involved in these efforts through simple actions like keeping their workspace clean (refraining from eating or at least cleaning any crumbs or spills afterwards), covering their mouth to cough or sneeze, and notifying when they feel sick or have been in contact with sick people out of the office, and understanding that coming to work sick puts everyone else at risk, so they should stay home if they feel ill.

For more information on this essential topic for offices and businesses in general, be sure to read our article titled Effective Office Disinfection for a Germ-Free Workplace. And, of course, leave us any questions or comments you might have in the comment section below.

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