How to Disinfect Phones and Tablets Without Destroying Them

How do you disinfect your device such as phone or tablet while not doing any damage to it? Don’t worry, follow us, and we will give you the best option on how to disinfect your portable devices.

The devices that connect us to the world are phones and tablets, not mentioning computers and laptops. According to about the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made people very health and safety cautious.

The health experts have advised disinfecting everything and anything, even phones and tablets as they are in hand throughout your day. Your phone, like your hand, is a bacteria and virus magnet, so these devices should be disinfected at least once a day as a preventative measure.

Just how dirty is a handheld phone? A typical mobile phone is carrying over 25,000 bacteria per square inch - dirtier than your kitchen counter, your dog's dish and yes, dirtier than a toilet seat!

What we have seen people doing is directly spraying alcohol on their portable devices and disinfecting them. But, is that really a good thing to do?

The Best Way to Disinfect Phones and Tablets

Phones and tablets are electrical devices that are susceptible to bacteria and virus buildup. Cleaning these devices directly with wipes, alcohol, and certain disinfectants will wear off the protective surface of phones and tablets, especially on screens.

So what about a disinfectant that is a fog? No wiping needed, it is not harmful to you or the environment, and it is handheld and economical!

The answer is using a thermal fogger, like the Nano Atomizer, a dry fogging device that can quickly and effectively disinfect any device without the worry of damage! In the previous post we talked about applications of Nano atomizer.

disinfect phones and tablets

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The Step by Step Guide to Disinfecting Phones and Tablets with a Thermal Fogger

  1. Turn on the thermal fogging device, like the Nano handheld atomizer.
  2. Switch off your phone or tablet device before disinfecting, just to be on the safe side.
  3. Hold the disinfectant fogger at least 1 foot away and spray it on the phones and tablets.
  4. Do not wipe the disinfectant off the surface. The disinfectant will dwell on the device for a few minutes in order to work and get rid of any pathogens.

Phones and tablets are usually the devices we look at first thing in the morning and the last thing we see at night. They are in our hands for a large portion of our day, and with the same hands, we touch here and there and everywhere. Disinfecting these devices is an essential task, and it should not be ignored and neglected.

Get your Nano Atomizer from Disinfect & Fog today to help keep your phone cleaner than your toilet seat!

NOTE: if you are choosing a disinfectant fogging device that is NOT the Nano Atomizer, make sure it is a thermal fogger (produces a dry fog). Other foggers will produce a wet-type fog that could damage electronics because of the moisture.

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