5 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Office Disinfection Routine

Now that a considerable number of workers are back to work on-site, even though the pandemic is still ongoing, business owners have a unique opportunity to revise their office disinfection schedules, products, and procedures. After all, people keep catching COVID-19 and enclosed spaces, like most offices, continue to be considered high-risk due to lack of ventilation and the presence of multiple people at once.

The Best Way To Disinfect Business Offices?

If you are a business owner, you should know that making a fair assessment of your office disinfection routine and taking action to improve it can benefit you in more ways than one, and this article tells you why you shouldn't hesitate to do it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Office Disinfection

1. Employees snack at their desks

Even if you've explicitly asked your staff not to do it, chances are some of them are snacking at their desks. This means two things: the presence of germs from the act of munching food and the presence of pests attracted by the crumbs that will inevitably fall on the closest surfaces.

2. Someone on your staff may get sick and not notify it

We're currently going through the 6th wave of the pandemic, and even though the COVID-19 variants that people are getting now are much milder than a year ago, they are much more contagious. Also, there are other viruses roaming in the air like the flu and the common cold, that can come into your office spread among the rest of your employees if your disinfection protocols are not sufficiently optimized.

3. Most people don't wash their hands properly

Yes, everybody knows they need to wash their hands after using the washroom, but the thing is, not everyone does it PROPERLY. The correct way to wash one's hands is using soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, and there's no way to guarantee that all of your employees will follow these guidelines, even if you put hand washing signage in the bathroom.

4. Bacteria build-up and dust are no joke

Surfaces that are constantly touched by multiple hands or objects are prone to bacteria build-up. Think of the number of people who touch a pen, for instance. Something so simple as a pen can travel from hand to hand and from desk to desk for days or even weeks, contaminating all the surfaces where it is placed. And if it falls into the hands of someone who likes to put pens into their mouth (you know everybody has done this at least once or twice!) the presence of bacteria and other germs will multiply exponentially. The same happens with other common office objects such as staplers, telephones, copy machines, coffee mugs, etc.

5. The pandemic is not over

Just as experts predicted, we've learned to live with the virus, just like we learned to live with the uncountable number of viruses that came before COVID-19. However, the pandemic is not over, so it is not yet time to let our guards down. Is as simple as that.

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Tips to Improve Your Office Disinfection

1. Choose the right disinfection devices for the size and spaces in your office

Manual spraying and wiping is no longer acceptable. These days it's all about the efficiency and effectiveness that disinfection devices offer. You can choose between an electrostatic sprayer, a dry fogger, or a ULV fogger, depending on your office's needs. Check out our Foggers and Sprayers page.

2. Invest in high-quality disinfectants

Disinfecting devices can't do their job as well as they should if you don't pair them with high-quality disinfectants that are safe to use around people and plants. This means that you need to stay away from harsh chemicals that could cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems in your staff. Make sure to browse our selection of Disinfectants and pay attention to their benefits and ingredients.

3. Be consistent

Effective disinfection requires consistency. You can't just spray down your whole office once a month and hope for the best. Work on a proper office disinfection schedule that allows you to welcome your employees with a fresh and clean office every morning. Plus, this will do wonders for their productivity and general feeling inside the space, trust us.

4. Hire a disinfecting company, like Disinfect & Fog

We are based in London, Ontario and specialize in office, industrial, and residential disinfecting, as well as fogging equipment, including electrostatic sprayers and thermal foggers. All of our office disinfecting services are provided by dedicated and problem-solving experts who always recommend the most cost-effective and efficient disinfecting products and techniques for every situation.

And that's it for this article. We hope to have convinced you to improve your office disinfection routine. Don't forget to contact us today for a free quote! 1-855-561-4512 or info@disinfectandfog.com.

Stay safe out there!

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