What Does a Deep Cleaning of a House Include?

In light of the current 7th wave of COVID-19 that is affecting Ontario, businesses and homeowners are looking for options for deep cleaning their spaces, especially if a staff member or relative recently tested positive for the virus. While business owners are probably going to prefer hiring a professional disinfecting company for a deep cleaning (Like us!), families will more likely take the DIY route, so in this article, we want to show them what is included in the deep cleaning of a house. Keep reading to find out.

Residential Deep Cleaning: What is it?

Residential deep cleaning is a process that goes further than regular or conventional cleaning in order to eliminate dirt and grime around a home. It involves disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces and spaces to get rid of germs (bacteria, viruses, and allergens) that can affect people's health, and not just wiping down furniture or picking up clutter.

Furthermore, residential deep cleaning is a process that, when done right, can considerably improve the state of a home, making its spaces lighter, fresher, and much healthier for the people that live in it. This means no more odours, hidden dust that makes people sneeze, or mould on the walls that can potentially cause asthma attacks and many other respiratory complications.

Since residential deep cleaning is such a thorough process, it often takes longer than regular cleaning sessions. The specific time needed to complete the process depends on the size of the home, the number of furniture inside, and the severity of the case. For instance, a home where one or more members were isolated after contracting COVID-19 with good ventilation, but no other signs of dirt and grime, will take less time than a home that was recently purchased from a family of smokers who had several pets running around at all time. How Often Should You Disinfect a Surface To Kill Covid-19?

On that note, apart from the presence of COVID-19 in a home, one of the most common reasons why homeowners hire a deep cleaning service or purchase deep cleaning products is moving in. Buyers usually like to walk into a fresh and clean home to start a new life on the right foot with no sign of the previous owners.

Other reasons could be the celebration of a big event at your house, like a backyard wedding or a graduation dinner, the presence of pets shedding hair everywhere, or simply the fact that the house feels heavy, smelly, and needs a good clean. Whatever the case, residential deep cleanings are a perfect way to make a home feel brand new.

Deep Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning of a House

As previously stated, the main difference between a deep cleaning vs a regular cleaning of a house is the extensiveness and completeness of the former, which goes beyond wiping down surfaces, to include proper disinfection and sanitization of spaces. For this reason, deep cleaning takes longer than a regular cleaning, as it involves the use of products, devices and techniques that will penetrate every nook and cranny to perform complete disinfection and result in a germ-free and much-improved space where people can breathe a little better and feel better overall.

It should be noted that deep cleanings are always more costly than regular cleanings of a house because of the time and resources necessary to perform them. For homeowners, one way to get all the benefits of deep cleaning at a lower cost would be to do it themselves by investing in disinfectants and professional devices for home use. This method usually works very well for families.

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Deep Cleaning a House with Pets

Houses with pets may need more regular deep cleanings than houses without furry family members. However, once families get the hang of it, deep cleanings become a fun and easy activity to do. The method we recommend is to start by vacuuming all surfaces, especially if the pets normally shed a lot of hair (if that's the case, it may be a good idea to brush the pets first, before vacuuming.) Then, proceed with the cleaning and disinfecting of all areas, especially the spaces where the pets spend most of their time (where their bed is, where their food is, and other areas of the house where they are allowed to be.)

What Does a Deep Cleaning of a House Include?

A typical deep cleaning process of a house usually includes the following tasks:

  1. Disinfecting high-touch surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant solution
  2. Spraying high-traffic areas with an electrostatic sprayer or a similar device
  3. Dry fogging all moisture-sensitive items inside the house, including light fixtures, upholstery, decorations, electronics, appliances, and more.
  4. Sanitizing trash cans and other heavily contaminated containers
  5. Degreasing all kitchen appliances
  6. Disinfecting washrooms
  7. Spraying walls and ceilings infected with mould and mildew

It's worth bearing in mind that the effectiveness of this process will depend on the technique used and the use of high-quality disinfectants.

What Equipment Is Needed for Deep Cleaning?

Without a doubt, foggers and sprayers are by far the best equipment anyone could ever need for deep cleaning. Dry foggers, ULV foggers, and electrostatic sprayers are highly effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses and allergens.

These are the devices we recommend for deep cleaning a house:

  1. Disinfecto Electrostatic Sprayer, the most convenient and powerful cordless electrostatic sprayer.
  2. Portable Fogger, is a lightweight, cordless, and convenient electrostatic fogger.
  3. Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner is great for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces at home and work.
  4. Cordless ULV Atomizer, portable, cordless fogger, ideal for households or for on-the-go disinfection.
  5. Nano Atomizer Thermal Fogger, the ultimate handheld dry fogger.
  6. EnviroNize® Anolyte Multi-Use Disinfectant Spray, ready to use disinfectant, perfect for all surfaces.

Quick Tips for Deep Cleaning for COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases increasing by the day in Ontario, it is important to know certain quick tips for deep cleaning your home to control the spread.

First, make sure to include the disinfection of smaller and often forgotten high-touch surfaces in your deep cleaning program, including light switches, door handles, cabinet handles, appliance handles, faucets, remote controls, and keychains. These are objects that we have constant contact with and need to be disinfected regularly to avoid cross-contamination and viral spread.

Second, open your windows more often to let stale air out, as enclosed spaces are known to be better for viruses to multiply. Once you do that, go ahead and spray around each room of your house to kill any microbes, contaminants, and virus particles, like COVID-19, that could be lingering in the air.

And third, make sure to disinfect kitchens and bathrooms more often than usual, as these are the rooms in your house that require more disinfection and sanitization. Don't forget those kitchen counters and sink counters, where so many hands and things end up, which makes them sources of germs and viruses. That's how you keep COVID-19 from spreading inside your home, in case someone in your family gets infected. Most Overlooked Surfaces You Should Start Disinfecting Today.

Deep Cleaning House Checklist

For a more extensive deep cleaning of your house, make sure to check every single task on this checklist:

✔️ Dust all surfaces

✔️ Vacuum floors, carpets, and upholstered furniture

✔️ Clean windows, ceiling fans, and baseboards

✔️ Disinfect garbage bins 

✔️ Spray every room with an electrostatic sprayer or ULV fogger

✔️ Fog electronics and moisture-sensitive items with a fry fogger

The Ultimate Guide on How to Disinfect Your Home

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