Most Overlooked Surfaces You Should Start Disinfecting Today

If you look around your home right before cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing, it is almost certain that large surfaces such as your kitchen counter, dining table, and sinks, will catch your eye first. Those are the ones you will most likely focus all your disinfection efforts on. What you're probably not going to notice right away, or even think about, are those overlooked surfaces and objects that are the source of numerous germs and contaminants due to being used on a daily basis by you and your entire family, but are hardly ever disinfected.

Want to know what those forgotten surfaces are? Then keep reading to find what are the most overlooked surfaces and objects at home or at work that you should start disinfecting today.

Most Overlooked Surfaces

1. Electronics and appliances

When was the last time you disinfected the buttons of your blender? Or your remote controls? Think about it. Electronics and appliances are part of our daily lives, yet other than wiping them down when we put greasy hands on them (probably with the same napkin you used to clean your mouth) most people don't think twice about disinfecting them.

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2. Trash cans

Who knew that the very place where you throw your dirty trash also needs to be cleaned and disinfected? Well, even though this sounds perfectly logical, in reality, most people don't do much to make sure their trash cans are at least in an acceptable state and not a source of contaminants that can make their family members sick.

3. Reusable grocery bags

You buy them, throw them in the back of your car and only take them out when you go grocery shopping, but never think of at least spraying them down with disinfectant between uses. What can be so wrong with that? Everything! Reusable bags, just like any reusable item you own, are prone to get dirty, smelly and contaminated. These bags in particular are thrown in shopping carts, on the floor of elevators, and in many other places. Then you take them home and place them on top of your table or kitchen counter while you put your groceries away, contaminating your entire kitchen in the process. On top of that, the very groceries you put in those bags are not clean. Think of all the hands that were likely to touch those cans and plastic containers you bought... see the point now?

4. The interior of your car.

No, vacuuming your car and taking it to the car wash regularly doesn't mean your car is germ-free. Cars are a big source of contaminants because people touch all surfaces inside them with dirty hands, eat in them, spill drinks in them, sneeze, smoke, cough, and get inside with dirty shoes from walking around the mall or the streets. So, without a doubt, disinfecting your car is a must.

5. Your essentials: Phone, keys, and wallet

This doesn't require much explanation, other than a reminder of the fact that people tend to wash their hands more than they disinfect these items. And when you wash your hands after using the washroom, cooking, or handling trash, and then you go back to touching your dirty phone screen or grabbing your car keys, you're pretty much back to square one.

Best Products for Disinfecting Surfaces at Home

Disinfecting your entire home, including those overlooked surfaces and objects, doesn't have to be a tiresome task if you have the right products on hand. These are our recommendations:

  1. Mini Thermal Fogger - A cost-effective and convenient compact device, perfect for quick and easy home disinfection.
  2. Mini Nano Personal Sanitizer Sprayer - Pocket-sized and ideal for disinfecting your phone, keys, wallet, purse, backpack, and even the interior of your car while you're on the go.
  3. EnviroNize® Anolyte Multi-Use Disinfectant Spray - 6 Pack - Ready to use disinfectant, perfect for all surfaces in your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and everywhere in between.
  4. Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner - 6 Pack - Affordable, effective, and great for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces at home.

For more great disinfecting products, visit our Shop Page. And if you're looking for devices, then go straight to our Residential Cleaner and Sprayers section.

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Stay safe everyone!

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