The Complete Guide to the Industrial Fogger Machine

Factories, manufacturing spaces, and warehouses are places where many people work and often don't have windows, therefore not having great airflow. For the safety of the workers, these spaces should be disinfected regularly.

Disinfecting refers to the process of killing and destroying the germs, bacteria, and microbes that are living and are present on the surface of the objects and in the air.

In this article, we will introduce an easy and effective way to disinfect these very large spaces, making the environment much safer for everyone.

The name of the device is the Industrial Fogger. You heard it right! Keep on reading learn what it is and how to use it for effective disinfecting.

What is the Industrial Fogger Machine?

Disinfect & Fog is the leading distributor of the industrial fogger machines in Canada, used in the large spaces with high ceilings, such as factories and warehouses, to disinfect and sanitize the entire area.

Handheld fogging equipment cannot create the necessary atmosphere to be truly effective, and therefore these spaces are not sufficiently treated. The Industrial Fogger features a 9-foot telescopic pole that allows the disinfectant to reach high places and fill the entire space.

In industrial environments, there is often a lot of machinery present. These fogger machines are being used by different workers daily, increasing the risk of being infected. So, to avoid this from happening and to provide a safe environment for your workers and yourself, it is important to sanitize and disinfect the place effectively.

Reasons to Use the Industrial Fogger Machine

The reasons why industrial fogger machine should be used is as follows:

  1. The industrial fogger holds large amounts of disinfectant and has wheels to easily roll the machine around to whatever area needs to be disinfected.  
  2. The great advantage of the industrial fogger machine is that it needs no wiping after the application. Just wait around 15 minutes for the disinfectant to dwell and dissipate.
  3. The recommended disinfectant is not harmful to humans, plants, animals, or the environment.
  4. It is very cost-effective and can disinfect and sanitize a vast area and the air all at once.

How to Use Industrial Fogger Machine?

The process of using the industrial fogger machine is straight forward. Just follow the following steps, and you are all set to use your fogger machine.

  1. Roll the Industrial Fogger to whatever space you would like to disinfect
  2. Put the telescopic pole to the required height
  3. Connect an external compressor to power the unit
  4. Turn on and adjust the disinfectant output
  5. Wait for the whole area to be covered in the disinfectant fog
industrial fogger machine

Where Can the Industrial Fogger Machine Be Used?

The industrial fogger machine can be used for very large spaces, warehouses, plant environments, and even any large open space including event rooms and gymnasiums.

Areas where workers are working, sitting, and even the storehouse where the final products are being kept should be disinfected and sanitized with the industrial fogger machine's help.

If you are a business owner with a large space and high ceilings and want to make sure your workers feel as safe as possible, look into investing in an Industrial Fogger. Both your workers and your customers will be thankful for your efforts of keeping everyone safe.

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