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Industrial Fogger

Made for large spaces and high ceilings.
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Disinfectant fogging is designed to create an atmosphere so that airborne, surface and small inaccessible spaces are disinfected of germs (pathogens, viruses, bacteria, mold, etc.). To accomplish this successfully in large spaces such as manufacturing facilities that have ceilings in excess of 25 feet, you need to start thinking of cubic feet, not square feet.

Handheld fogging equipment cannot create the necessary atmosphere to be truly effective, and therefore these spaces are not are sufficiently treated.

Large areas need large solutions. This industrial fogger disinfectant allows for fogging at extended heights in open spaces by its telescopic pole.

Our Industrial Fogger is capable of emitting disinfectant at a rate of 1,000 cubic feet per minute propelling high into the upper levels of manufacturing facilities. We will help you with right products, industrial foggers, solution (disinfectant), dilution, and layout to disinfect efficiently.

The industrial fogging disinfectant machine is ideal for very large spaces, warehouses, and plant environments. It is also suitable to be used in large factories and offices.

Product Number:   DNFIF904

Instead of simply trying to acquire a fogger, and then not know how to use it or acquiring the proper solution to run in it, simply ask us for help. We created Fogger Starter Kits to help first-time users, giving you access to training videos, which teaches all aspects of fogging, everything from unboxing, set-up, adding solution, usage, and maintenance. Let Disinfect & Fog help you decide on the fogging equipment you need.

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