The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Household Disinfectant

We swear by our outstanding selection of disinfecting foggers and sprayers, which allow users to get the best possible results in less time, with less manpower, and at the most affordable price point. These are the disinfecting methods we recommend hands down to business owners and people with larger spaces to tackle. However, when it comes to small business owners and homeowners looking for household disinfectants that are even more budget-friendly, we offer Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner Spray Bottles.

What Makes Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner Spray Bottles a Good Choice?

What makes the spray bottle presentation of Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner the ultimate budget-friendly household disinfectant is, of course, its price, but also its convenience. When it comes to hard and non-porous surfaces, this product does an outstanding job at killing contaminants and sanitizing. It is especially handy for those flat and small surfaces like counters and tables, that have no crevices or hard-to-reach areas, and cleaning them by hand won't take much time.

Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner is a good choice as a complementary product in commercial settings, where it can be used in-between fogging treatments to touch up hard surfaces, as needed. It is recommended for places like nursing homes, hospitals, industries, food production plants, and other facilities with multiple types of surfaces that need constant disinfection.

In residential settings, Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner can be used on its own, considering that it is one of and the best multi-surface cleaners in the market right now. It is ideal for hard surfaces in washrooms, kitchens, and high-traffic areas like dining rooms, tv rooms, hallways, and entrances. The best part is that Ultra-Lyte is made from hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a non-toxic and hypoallergenic solution that is safe to use by everyone in the family and won't cause harm to pets or plants.

The last reason why Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner is a great choice is that, just like the regular Ultra-Lyte Disinfectant used in foggers and sprayers, this product kills the human coronavirus (that causes COVID-19), as well as other pathogens such as the norovirus, Escherichia coli, listeria, salmonella, staphylococcus, and influenza A (H1N1).

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Why Is Using a Spray Bottle for Cleaning a Good Idea?

Apart from foggers and spraying devices, spray bottles are good tools for the easy and practical application of liquids. The mist generated by spray bottle nozzles is great at coating surfaces and objects uniformly, penetrating crevices much more efficiently than poured-on liquids or antibacterial wipes.

Another point in favor of spray bottles is the fact that they don't need propellants as many aerosols do, which makes them safer because they are not flammable. This is the very same reason why spray bottles are allowed in planes, but most aerosols are not. Spray bottles also allow users to determine the amount of solution they need and to reapply it as needed, often using a reusable towel. This is not the case for antibacterial wipes, that are single-use and are infused with a predetermined amount of disinfectant that tends to dry out in a short time, encouraging the use of more wipes, which generates more waste.

So now you know: cleaners in spray bottles are not just handy to wipe down dust from surfaces around your house; many of them, like the Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner, are excellent household disinfectants effective against COVID-19 and other harmful viruses, turning your home into a much safer and healthier place for your family.

On a final note, if you want more information about Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner, feel free to contact us: 1-855-561-4512

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