Which Fogging Machines are the Best and Most Practical for Disinfecting Hospitals?

What comes to mind when you hear the word hospital? The answers would definitely be very different, considering everyone's different situations. But these days, the epidemic of COVID-19 has made the hospital a scary place to visit. Given the current situation, hospital disinfection is performed more diligently and consistently. According to experts, the use of Fogging Machines is safer than other normal methods. But what is the Fogging Machine? Fogging equipment disperses hospital grade disinfectant quickly and uniformly providing better coverage especially in large open spaces.  

Using Fogging Machines in Hospitals

Fogging technology has two popular forms: ULV-type and dry-type fogging. A ULV fogger (Ultra Low Volume) produces a fine spray measured in microns, similar to a mist that can disinfect surfaces effectively with a consistent coverage. The disinfectant is a hospital grade, no-wipe solution and because of the micron level of spray, it dries quickly reducing cleaning time. A ULV-type, high output fogger is a reliable tool for sanitizing large areas, such as hospitals and schools. On the other hand, dry-type foggier is excellent for areas sensitive to moisture such as mobile, laptop, clothes, tableware, and cookware. Dry foggers produce smaller microns of the same disinfectant, producing a fog that cleans all hard to reach areas and disinfects the atmosphere or the environment.

fogging machine

The Best Fogging Machines for Disinfecting Hospitals

There are a few different types of fogging devices that are best suited to disinfect hospitals depending on the environment. Here are the popular forms of fogging machines:

  • Portable Fogger (Cordless Disinfectant Fogger) for easy, quick use in waiting rooms
  • Heavy Duty ULV Fogger (High-Power Disinfectant Fogger) for open spaces and corridors
  • 'Big Blue' ULV Fogger (High-Power Disinfectant Fogger) holds 7L of disinfectant
  • Hurricane ULV Fogger (High Power Disinfectant) light and easy with large spray diameter
  • Nano Atomizer (The Ultimate Handheld Thermal Fogger) produces a dry fog for offices, vehicles and high touch areas

As mentioned above, all of these models are used to disinfect hospitals and have different efficiencies. However, some of these fogging machines are highly recommended by experts due to their special capabilities. Here are further details for the best and safest fogging machines for hospital disinfection:

Heavy Duty ULV Fogger: This is one of the large and heavy fogger models and the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Cold Fogger. This model also has a blower providing a large volume of air, which is not only great for disinfecting, but also for drying the surface. The Heavy Duty Fogger is perfect for sanitizing large spaces. It is very efficient for disinfecting areas larger than 2,500 square feet because the spray is adjustable to various heights. Heavy Duty Foggers have a capacity of 3 litres and is simple to carry.

fogging machine
Heavy Duty Fogger

Nano Atomizer: Nano Atomizer is a Nano spray sanitizer and is one of the state-of-the-art disinfection methods. Nano Atomizer is a thermal fogger and produces a dry fog that makes it ideal for areas sensitive to liquid. This Nano handheld disinfectant spray is an ideal thermal fogger to kill all viruses and sterilize all surfaces. This device can be used to disinfect a distance of 1.5-4 meters in the shortest possible time. This fogger is safe to be used around people, pets and animals when using the correct disinfectant This technology is dual-action as not only does it disinfect the surface, but it can also purify the air within an environment.


Portable Fogger: Portable Fogger is another great option for quick and efficient fogging ideal for disinfecting hospitals waiting rooms because it is cordless. This device is an electrostatic fogger with a rechargeable battery, which is easier to carry and operate. Its battery power is very good, and you can easily charge it on or detached from the fogger - so multiple batteries would be a good idea. The electrostatic process uses an internal negative ion generator which provides a negative charge to the disinfectant when it is dispersed, which attaches to positively charge pathogens, killing them in the air and on surfaces. This device holds up to 1.8L of disinfectant solution and can spray up to 3 meters.

portable electrostatic fogger

Why is fogging equipment the best for disinfecting hospitals?

Fogging machines are easily portable and can disinfect the environment in the shortest possible time saving time, reducing cost and providing the best coverage. The recommended disinfectants used are hospital grade, environmentally friendly, and kill viruses without harming patients, even COVID-19.

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